Essays on External Factors Affecting Consumer Behaviour Coursework

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The paper "External Factors Affecting Consumer Behaviour" is a great example of management coursework.   Decision making in any circumstance is a process that must be undertaken cautiously and carefully in order to get better results following the decision. People from different walks of life make decisions on a daily basis with regard to their lives, work, career, and purchasing of goods and services. There are several influences that compel individuals to make decisions in a specific direction (Wright, 2006). Consumers or customers are the wider category or class of people that are faced with decision making almost every single time in their lives.

The art of purchasing is to a large extent affected by factors that in most cases are beyond their control despite these factors having a direct or indirect impact on their daily lives. Gurus in consumer behaviour have worked and are still working extra harder to have a clear understanding with regard to consumer behaviour. Following these unending efforts; they have established that one’ s culture, subculture, and household structure or family, together with the groups that individual associates with are some of the external factors that affect the consumer decision-making process.

Experts in the field of marketing refer to these as external influences mainly because the origin of the influence comes from not within an individual self rather it is from the outside (Wright, 2006). In the current market setting consumers are exposed to a myriad variety of products and services to select from; furthermore, companies are competing fiercely for these consumers. This factual evidence is critical and hence understanding consumer behaviour is significantly vital for the success of any business.

It is important to note that both internal and external factors are dependent and work together particularly in the decision making the process of the consumer (Comegys, et al. , 2009). This paper discusses the external factors affecting the consumer decision-making process particularly in the event of purchasing a computer. Group Behavior Human beings in their entire life are regarded as social beings who like to associate with each other in a group setting. A group is represented by two or more people sharing a set of norms, values, and or beliefs and they interact to either accomplish mutual or individual goals.

Marketing specialists and experts have alluded that approximately all consumer behaviour occurs or takes place within a group setting (Sokolowiski, 2011).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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