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The paper "Integrated Marketing Communications Design for Samsung Galaxy S5" is a great example of a marketing case study. Integrated marketing communications (IMC) refers to a consistent product, service, or brand messages that a company uses across different marketing channels (Naeem, Bilal & Naz, 2013). The concept is touted as beneficial to firms and customers since it enables marketers to focus on customers’ preferences, media exposure, and buying patterns among other things when formulating different marketing strategies. To the firm, IMC creates attractive and credible messages, which may lead to successful marketing strategies hence enhancing a firm’ s market penetration.

Jones (2008) opines that IMC is critical in modern firms especially since most such firms separate marketing efforts such as advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, public relations/publicity, and internet marketing. With IMC however, a customer-centric planning process is undertaken, which often results in not only a harmonious marketing strategy, but one that has greater clarity, consistency, and potential for greater impact. With the foregoing in mind, this paper constitutes a design for an IMC program for the latest Samsung smartphone in 2014 (i. e.

Samsung Galaxy S5) in the Australian market. The IMC design in this paper is made in recognition of the fact that in order for Samsung to coordinate its marketing communication strategies for Galaxy S5 in Australia, it needs to deliver messages that are not only clear but also consistent and competitive. The objective of this paper is to bring together all marketing communication in a manner that will provide clarity and consistency about the smartphone in discrete but related messages. IMC situational analysis Company analysis Samsung’ s business in Australia is a reflection of the company’ s business worldwide.

The company operates on a philosophy that seeks to devote its technology and talent to the creation of superior products and services that should better the global society (Samsung, 2014a). Its objectives include the creation of products and services that provide the best satisfaction to customers, attaining world leadership in the creation of products and services that provide superior customer satisfaction, and contributing to society.


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