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The paper "Sports UNE Mission, Goals and Vision" is a great example of a marketing case study. SportsUNE is a sports-related university. It seeks at providing different sports activities and services which include among others flexibility and fitness services. Its main goal is on the development of balanced, happy and healthy lifestyles for the people concerned. It has been able to achieve this by putting in place the latest advanced equipment and seeking the services of well trained and experienced instructors to undertake the activities. The mission statement of the company tells all about what the company entails.

It categorically states that it seeks at the engagement and the support of the local communities through sporting activities and healthy lifestyles opportunities. It acts as a source of direction for the organization. It is through this mission statement that the company is able to set its objectives in line to goal attainment (Sportsune. com, 2014). Through the subfactor of engagement of the society, it has achieved this through the organizing of functions and events which bring about unity and good relations among all people.

It is through such togetherness formation that the company has been able to achieve massive success and support from the communities. The vision of the company also gives a sense of direction to the company. It on its part states that the company seeks to be a front-runner in the provision of unified sport and healthy lifestyle opportunities. The company hence on its day to day activities tries to tune itself in line with its vision and mission. This is achieved through the provision of high-quality services to the customers. The company also has put in place smart objectives which it seeks at attaining in the long run.

The first objective is the provision of professional leadership. It is this objective value that encourages the company to adopt professionalism. Professionalism is beneficial to the company since it through its observation, customer value is assured. The second smart objective of Sportune is the offering of services which are Cost-effective. Through this, wastages and unnecessary expenses are avoided. Such expenses reduce the returns of the company by very large proportions and make goal attainment a tough task to achieve (Kotler and Armstrong, 1991).

Another smart objective of Sportune is the commitment to the gaining of a healthy lifestyle. This has occurred to the recent insurgence in the living of unhealthy lifestyles and habits. Such unhealthy habits include uptake of very fatty foods and lack of exercises to the body. These have led to cases of obesity arising. The goal of the company is to eradicate this vice by offering quality fitness services. Another smart objective of the company is the people first trait.

Through this, they undertake their activities in line with the requirements of the people. This is done by addressing the special requirements and recommendations of the people who make up their customer numbers. Such feedback is received through putting in place effective feedback receipt mechanisms. They include notice boards, suggestion boxes and service ranking forms. It is through such mechanisms that it is able to well fit into the market and counter the competition that persists in the industry.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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