Essays on Factors Governing the Development of Marketing Channels Case Study

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The paper "Factors Governing the Development of Marketing Channels" is a great example of a Marketing Case Study. The document below will assess the UNE life and the business offerings in the institution. The document is aimed at understanding the concepts related to strategic marketing management and specificity in applying the plan to UNE Life. The document also outlines a marketing plan that enhances understanding of the opportunity analysis through critical aspects such as forecasting the market knowledge, segmentation, targeting, differentiation, and positioning. This will all be done in relation to the UNE Life business offerings and opportunities.

(Luke, 2002, p. 83) The document will also identify the relevance of the mission, SMART objectives and the hierarchy of strategies for the UNE Life. The industries in which the UNE Life will compete by assessing Porter's five competitive forces and highlighting the appropriate conditions for the strategic fit of prospector/analyzer/defender/reactor strategies will also be identified in the document. (Luke, 2002, p. 83)The market industry attractiveness through macro and micro level analyses will also be discussed. This is in order to address the strategic challenges of the UNE Life business. The relevance of the marketing research for the strategic decision making of the UNE Life business will also be discussed in the document.

The influence of product pricing, distribution, and promotion policies on the marketing decisions will be meticulously analyzed in the document too. (Luke, 2002, p. 83) Finally, there will also be an elaborate description of the significance of the overall segmentation targeting, differentiation and positioning strategies for the selected business offering that is being discussed in precision in the document. The document will aim at a specific area of business in UNE Life and aim to improve on this specific business opportunity in the institution.

All the above-mentioned analysis and elaboration will be directed at the chosen business offering. Introduction UNE Life is a description of what goes on at the University of New England. The university, besides offering scholarly services to students practices various business offerings and more. Be entertained, relax with friends, stay fit, celebrate, and take care of business: all on campus. We are here to make your university experience easier and more enjoyable.

Life is full-on. Live yours with UNE Life. From the quote, we see that UNE Life offers many more services besides scholarly services. Our main point of focus at this point is the business offerings in UNE Life. The campus offers a second-hand bookshop that offers books that have already been used. The bookshop has it in stock. You will save at least 30% of what you would pay for a new book. Once you have established what textbooks you need then it is time to search our online database.

They also have an online shop where one can purchase kits and anything that is required in the various courses on campus. Our new improved online shop with everything from lab coats & dissection kits through to UNE memorabilia for you and your family and academic dress. Shop conveniently and sincerely (2015). The UNE Life also offers graduation services that take care of any graduation needs that a person may have: Either within the campus or without the campus. As seen in the website 2015, “ You have done it! We can help everything you need to celebrate your graduation day from gown hire and photos to ordering a special lunch on the day of you and your friends and family. ” All these and many more are some of the business offerings that are offered in UNE Life.

Anyone can participate in the business of the University of New England.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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