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The paper "Marketing Strategy and Management" is a wonderful example of a Marketing Assignment. Strategic marketing management is an important concept that helps to influence the marketing performance of an organization. This is because the strategic marketing plan helps to provide a framework that can be used to implement the strategies of the organization that can help to improve the competitive advantage (Palmer 2005). In this context, this report will discuss the concepts of strategic marketing management. Relevance of the mission, SMART objectives and hierarchy strategies for UNE Life The vision of UNE Life is to provide the work envisions where human dignity, as well as the self-determination rights, are observed.

The mission is to educate a diverse community that provides professionals and help to translate the vision into informed practice to help in creating sustainable partnerships. The importance of the mission statement is that helps to help in improving the quality of services provided to the customers so that they can be satisfied (SportUNE 2015). It also helps to provide direction for the stakeholders towards improving the quality of the services provided.

In addition, the objective of the marketing is to increase the quality of services provided in the next 3 years. In addition, the other objective is to increase the services provided by UNE Life to meet the needs of the clients so that that it can be possible to attract and retain the clients. The strategies to be applied by UNE Life include marketing the facility online through the Facebook account of the company. In addition, the other strategy that can be applied by UNE Life is offering online learning services to meet the needs of the clients because they don’ t have much time to spend in learning.

This will help to meet the diversified needs of the students to ensure that they are satisfied (Palmer 2005). Furthermore, the organisation provides relaxed atmosphere to meet the needs and expectations of the students. These strategies are important in improving the quality of services that are provided by UNE Life thus improving the competitiveness in the learning industry. Industry and assessing Porter’ s five competitive forces and conditions for strategic fit UNE Life will operate in the tourism and learning industry.

This is because most of the clients of the organization will be customers. In addition, UNE Life will operate in the tourism industry because of the facilities that will be provided. For instance, there will be conference halls and recreation facilities that will help to improve the reputation of the organization (Kotler & Kevin L 2009). The learning services provided by UNE Life will qualify it to be in the learning industry. Considering the competitive forces, the first force is the entrant of new organizations into the industry.

Due to increasing tourism activities and globalization, individuals are moving from one place to another in search of education. This means that there is high competition in the learning industry due to the increased demand of the students. In this context, the industry has high competition hence appropriate strategies should be applied (Kotler & Kevin L 2009). However, the education sector is regulated by the education board and new entrants should meet the set standards before entering into the industry in order to meet the educational standards.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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