Essays on Marketing Strategies for the New Gym Services of SportUNE Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Strategies for the New Gym Services of SportUNE" is a perfect example of a marketing case study. Looking at the market structure of SportUNE it is more likely for SportUNE to follow a pioneering role and look towards market expansion and increased penetration along with niche marketing of targeting the working women class for better growth and emerge as the market leader. The various stages of PLC have been explained in detail along with the most suited strategic alternative which SportUNE can look upon to ensure differentiation advantage and gain a sustainable competitive edge over its existing and potential rivals. The organizational structure of the company is more likely to a functional one that can be successfully replaced by a matrix organizational structure to ensure the benefits of both functional and divisional structures.

Furthermore, the company marketing spending has been justified in the marketing metrics along with immense opportunities being identified by way of a SWOT analysis conducted for the same purpose. Finally, the marketing audit in terms of macro-environmental, organizational, and strategies audits has been conducted which ensures more growth opportunities and long term sustainable development of the new gym services offered by SportUNE. Introduction This report looks to further discuss the strategic marketing implications and its importance for SportUNE which the company certainly can look like an important tool to ensure better growth and development of his gym services. Initially, the report focuses on the importance of product life cycle and the stage at which the gym services of SportUNE currently experiencing along with new market entry strategy which is most viable for SportUNE to ensure a larger market reach and better revenue generation.

An analysis of the existing position of SportUNE has been analyzed to ensure whether the company can follow a pioneer or a follower strategy along with different strategic alternative choices available in context to the same.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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