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The paper "Importance of Organization Culture " is a good example of management coursework.   I deal organization culture and values define the company’ s mission and goals and thus many businesses frequently review its organizational culture and values so as to ensure that workers clearly comprehend them and ensure that the business is in the track. This would thus lead to high production and profit to the business in return. Organization culture is an attitude of employees of a company, Culture in this regards entails the organization values, their vision including the working language as well as the idea and the custom of the workers in an organization.

It is as well the pattern of such collective traits and a hypothesis that is taught to latest management as a way of perceiving as well as thinking. Organizational culture, therefore, influence the manner in which workers or group relate with each other in an organization Importance of organization culture Every organization aspires to have the best management style that would lead to higher returns in the form of profit and thus a keen business plan is relevant (sims, 2002).

Consequently, these strategies will only be attained when the organization culture, the structural role as well as the leadership is allied to the strategy. Organizational culture is important to the business in that, 1. Improve productivity Where there as an ideal organizational value and culture, It encourages workers participation and reduces group dynamics as observed in blue ribbon restaurant limited management style. In this regards, the company’ s goals and objectives will be achieved within the stipulated time frame due to the fact that there is no or minimal resistance to change by workers in the organization.

This would lead to an increase in production and hence increased profit to the business. 2. Enabler for organizational change Organizational culture would lead to change whether the changes entail digitization, quicker product development or cost reduction. A change initiative is as a result adopted and sustained much more where the organizational culture is much more adopted and well understood by workers of the business (stanford, 2010). This, as a result, implies that an ideal organizational culture should be eminent in the business that is favorable and accepted by all workers in order for the business to execute changes.

This will be observed where there is less resistance to change by employees and thus the resistance will be brought down by ideal and well-understood organization culture. 3. Acts as a control mechanism Organization culture at the place of work is relevant in that, it sets out a control mechanism by controlling the manner in which employees relate to each other and the way verdicts are made in the organization. The decision can either be formal or informal but the impact is inevitable. Blue ribbon restaurant might hire a new manager to make verdicts devoid of making a study of the organization culture, where the change is intended to make conflict with the organizational culture, The manager will consequently face resistance unless the manager can manage to show workers the need for change then the managers new policies will not be adopted by the organization.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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