Essays on Analysis of Coca-Cola Companys Culture Case Study

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The paper 'Analysis of Coca-Cola Company‘ s Culture" is a good example of a management case study. In recent years, the business world has been changed by external forces prompting managers to understand the need for change for success. Globalization and technology have increased the interaction of different cultures (Pillania, 2006, p. 120). Airlines can now get into different countries, imports and exports have increased, people can interact with each other through email and social media making the countries interdependent more than before. Multinational corporations hire sent employees to work in another country with different cultural backgrounds.

According to Denison, Haaland & Goelzer (2004, p. 102), different companies also manufacture goods that are unique and export them to other countries with different national cultures. The free movement of people and goods has increased ideas and concepts. Such activities have prompted managers to create organization culture which is not only universal and diverse but also accommodative. Therefore, this essay critically discusses how culture is expressed in the Coca-cola Company and how this expression helps or hinders the Coca-cola organization’ s effectiveness. To put this discussion inter perspective, the essay will define culture, provide an overview of Coca Cola, present the nature of culture in Coca-cola, and explain the impact of that culture. Definition of Culture Culture is described as a way of life in the midst of a group or individuals (Ravasi & Schultz, 2006, p. 434).

It manifests itself in its component such as beliefs, behaviors, symbols, and values that which people generally accept without thinking and mention regarding them. Jean Lee & Yu (2004, p. 344) contend that cultures are passed through imitation and communication from one generation to the next.

In an organization setting principles of organizational culture are also passed from old employees to new ones. For instance, the dress code can be passed from the old employees to new ones. Since the organization also operates within a society, the members of that society expect the culture within the organization to align itself within that of the community, in the product they make and in marketing.


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