Essays on Managing in Mixed Economy Assignment

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The paper "Managing in Mixed Economy" is a perfect example of a management assignment. The introduction of NHS services in England has served to improve trauma care organization in England. NHS services are managed and run by NHS trusts. The responsibility is to ensure high-quality care and effect utilization of the resource. The strategic decision of the hospitals is also done by them. NHS hospital handles treatment and emergency services. There are organised treatment by dentists, opticians and GP. There is free treatment at the hospital facilities. England residents are only entitled to free medical care.

Referrals in the hospital d not last more than 18 weeks as this against the constitutional threshold. There is a requirement to initiate the treatment process a there requires urgent and immediate medical attention. Patient Advice and Liaison services are useful in handling complaints and advising clients as appropriate as possible. Ward managers are the right people to handle patient complaints and there exists an NHS complaint procedure(Great Britain, 2004). NHS maternal services need transformation to reflect local people's needs and this I through levelling hospital services of the people.

There is an inclusion of patients’ responses in designing programs relating to patient HealthCare. Feedback is necessary for the active transformation of hospital services. The display of Friends and Family Test programs will catalyse hospitals and trusts to improve service offered to patients. This is through quality checks and maintenance of available services to the clients. NHS trusts are responsible for providing community, acute, mental and quality health care services in England. Healthcare services have been designated to the private providers to improve efficiency in quality and response to the urgent needs of the patients.   Case 1: Markets, Competition and Regulation 2.0 Evaluation of Case 1 Q1.Why have concerns been raised about the recent changes to public services, with respect to competition? Concerns have been raised that through exposing public service to competition, then the quality of service will depend on the standards that are in the market.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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