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The paper "The Situation Analysis of Uber and GoCatch Services in Australia" is a good example of a marketing case study.   Uber entered the Australian transport industry in 2014 while threatening to outdo indigenous companies such as GoCatch. However, the fact that they are both using applications to direct their operations forms a basis of competitiveness since each should develop outstanding marketing strategies. GoCatch should invest more in buying new cars, which would be fully operational on the roads. Also, the company could reduce the commission chargeable to the drivers.

Such a move would be a better step towards motivating the drivers to offer better services. The company could also take an initiative to pay for the insurance services covering third party and the drivers. The report deals with the situation analysis of Uber as a new entrant in the Australian market and GoCatch as the indigenous taxi company. Introduction The transport sector has turned digital with firms gearing up to win more customer base. Since it is a primary need for many people across the world, coming up with comfortable services is one of the best solutions to ensure the company gains a competitive advantage over the other firms offering the same services.

Uber is one of the most sophisticated transportation company specializing in taxi operation. If a customer wants to travel to a particular destination, he or she sends a request for a cab, which is then directed to taxi drivers who in turn use their cabs to facilitate the transportation. Companies and governments around the world have complained about the use of technology, which threatens to trounce its indigenous firms. However, it’ s important to understand the functioning of Uber and GoCatch taxi systems in Australia to understand the threat that the former has staged to the taxi market. Background Information Uber Technologies is a transport company, which came into existence in March 2009 in America.

The founders were Gareth Camp and Travis Kalanick. Its headquarters are located in San Francisco, California. It has spread its services to many parts of the world, including Australia, India, and African countries. The success can base on the sound marketing strategies and the use of digital applications to ensure accessibility by the customers.

On the other hand, GoCatch is a digital transport company, which stages a competition to the Uber one. Uber’ s Situation Analysis Analysis of Uber’ s Internal Environment Mission Statement Uber has an attractive statement that gives it the directions in gaining a competitive advantage in the taxi transportation market. The statement is “ Transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere, for everyone” . The transportation company seems to attain this because whenever they set up their digitized services, they run chills down the spines of the opponents. Australia is not an exception in this case.

An indigenous based company such as GoCatch is complaining of the way Uber, an American-based company has taken over the market by storm (Haider, 2015). Resources Uber has many drivers spread around Melbourne and other towns of Australia. The drivers harbor considerable knowledge in technology by using the Uber app, which directs the clients to them. Unlike other taxi companies, they can operate on any route while harboring high flexibility rate. As far as the customer is in an accessible way, the drivers would ensure they attend to them in time.

Such situation earns them a higher notch as far as competitiveness is concerned. The finances of the company are also on point since it can remunerate their drivers at the right time to enhance continued operations.


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