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The paper "MNEs and Sustainability" is a good example of a business research proposal. The concepts of globalization have played an essential role in terms of encouraging the growth of Multinational Corporations. The multinational Enterprises have also contributed to the increase in Foreign Direct Investment. On the other hand, Multinational Enterprises have created millions of jobs worldwide which is a boost to the economy of the country that they operate. The multinational entrep0rises operates in both the developed as well as the developing countries. The positive impacts of Multinational Enterprises have seen most of them being given incentives by the government in order to operate in the country (Newenham-Kahindi, 2015).

In the recent past, the issues of environmental protection have been of great concern globally. This has led to the corporate social responsibilities by the MNEs operating in different countries. This is mainly for the purposes of ensuring that the environment is protected. The aspects of sustainability are being embraced by most MNEs together with the CSR. This has played an essential role in terms of contributing to sustainability efforts. The development of the MNEs is mainly linked to CSR efforts.

The confidence of the local people, as well as governments on the MNEs, is dependent on how they carry out the CSR (Newenham-Kahindi, 2014). The concepts of CSR have become part of most of the successful organizations. All the major MNEs are investing heavily on the CSR for the purposes of enhancing the sustainability process. The research on MNEs and sustainability is important in terms of establishing why most of the MNREs are continuously engaging in CSR. On the other hand, the research will be able to establish the benefits of CSR on the communities, countries as well as the MNEs.

The research on the topic seeks to highlight the relationship between CSR and the success of the MNEs. This is considering that most of the studies indicate that the success of the MNEs is closely associated with sustainability and CSR. The paper thus discusses the concepts of CSR and sustainability in relation to the MNEs. Objectives To establish the importance of CRS to the MNEs in the developed and the developing countries. To determine the impacts of CRS and sustainability of the MNEs in the developing countries as well as the developed countries. To establish the contributions that CRS and sustainability have in the success of an MNEs in the developing and developed countries. To establish the factors that promote CRS in developing and developed countries. Themes, Issues and Research Questions Themes The research intends to uncover in details the relationship between the success of the MNEs and the CSR to the with the sustainability issues.

This is for the purposes of creating a wider understanding of why most of the leading MNEs are heavily involved in the sustainability issuers and have even won awards on the concepts of CSR and sustainability. Research Questions Why are MNEs increasingly being involved in the concepts of CSR and sustainability in both the developed and developing countries? What are the factors that contribute to the success of MNEs that are heavily involved in CSR and sustainability? Why are some MNEs with good CSR developing rapidly and other MNEs without a good MNES also developing rapidly despite the importance of sustainability issues?


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