Essays on Mobile Telemedicine Project Clinic for Statoil in Angola Assignment

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The paper "Mobile Telemedicine Project Clinic for Statoil in Angola" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. A project is usually a one-shot, time-limited, goal-directed, major undertaking, requiring the commitment of varied skills and resources. It is thus a combination of human and non-human resources pooled together in a temporary organization to achieve a specific purpose. Projects are of many different types. The purpose and set of activities that can achieve that purpose distinguish one project from another. Project management, on the other hand, is the set of activities that involve fast-tracking the project activities to ensure that everything goes on as planned.

It is the application of knowledge, skills, and techniques to effectively and efficiently carry out a project. Project management can be the strategic competency of an organization that enables it to compete effectively in the market. Project Summary The author argues in a well-organized manner that Angola is one of the many African countries highly hit by the shortage of proper healthcare. The population has put up with poor healthcare facilities over the decades which can be attributed to political instability and massive brain drain ().

Some of the people are forced to travel long distances to access healthcare. Many others end up losing their lives due to the inability to have timely access to the health facilities while others are totally unable to afford the cost of healthcare in the country. Statoil has thus decided to come up with this project to alleviate the society from the suffering they have undergone for many decades past. This project aims at establishing a fully equipped telemedicine facility with a customized common bus that can be used to access the more remote areas.

The author of the paper states that the bus will have within it installed sophisticated medical equipment which can be used as a mini-hospital in case the patient cannot be moved to the medical premises.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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