Essays on Modernity And Postmodernity Essay

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IntroductionPost modernity, sometimes termed as postmodern condition is normally used to illustrate economic and cultural or society’s condition that is believed to prevail after modernity. Several schools of thought believe that modernity lasted until late 20th century. It was later replaced by post modernity. Post modernity can imply an individual response to post modern society. The conditions therefore in a society or city that makes it post modern are usually associated with postmodern society. Post modernity is a situation of being post modern. This implies that a nation or a city that experiences post modernity can be referred as post modern city or nation.

A city or nation on the other hand that experiences modernity is referred as modern city. Post modern city can differ from modern city in a number of ways (Delanty, 150). How post modern city differs from modern cityDelanty (150) argue that the modernity’s period was discovered on reliable belief in authority and power of reasoning as a major arbiter of fact. Therefore, in modern city, there has been always a single truth. This truth has been grasped, examined and dissected via power of rational mind.

Post modern city on the other hand believed in multiple facts. People in modern city discovered their fact conviction through reasoning, experience and participation. For instance, people in post modern city do not simply demand to learn about Gallipoli, they demand to Visit Anzac Cove. In modern city reasoning really matters, but in post modern city reasoning should be clothed in an experience that can be engaged in. people in post modern city do not only want to learn about God, they also want to experience God.

People in post modern city are ready to do anything as long as they do not lose connection with life experience. The rise in current years, particularly among 20s and 30s, of renewed spiritual interest, chiefly outside the Christianity mainstream, is a great expression of the need for experiencing spiritual kingdom (Boullata and Hallaq, 210). Post modern city differ from modern city because they are characterized by prevalence of great ideal of autonomous self. Individuals in post modern city are self-determined. They usually operate with a great degree of independence from any tradition or community.

Individuals in post modern city matters a lot. They normally choose what they are pleased with. They can select their career, live wherever they like and marry whoever they want with minimum interference from family members. This kind of freedom is not common in modern city. There has been a new search for community in the post modern generations. The most preferred words on web are connected and community. These words have been joined together to form, connexity. Cyber space organizations such as Amazon. com are in connexity business, that is, they make connections and develop community.

Post modern city is considered as a new generation. com. The kids in post generation city have been brought up with internet. Unlike modern city, in post modern city the web is more less a source of information than asocial medium. It has therefore been proved that 28% of Australian homes are connected with web and about 51% teenagers utilize chat rooms to communicate with their peers. In post modern city, Internet is a major way of maintaining friendship in their community (Harvey 95).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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