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QUALITY MANAGEMENT al Affiliation) Recap of Freshness Company The Company is focused of provision of natural fresh fruit juice to students; the juice is not mixed with any artificial additive for purposes of preservation. The company applies various management strategies in order to improve its operations as well as the overall sales. One of the management strategies employed by Freshness Company is the application of proper inventory management: The Company has a team of eight members who are charged with the responsibility to undertake inventory management. Additionally, the company has also focused on capacity planning; this has been facilitated by the fact that it is currently supplying a higher amount of sales through making home deliveries and serving clients that are want to take their juice in the inn.

Moreover, Freshness Company has made a decision to focus on forecasting planning: Forecasting planning shall assist the Company to improve its capacity to supply juice among the increasing number of clients. Basically, forecasting planning is imperative in the sense that it assists the company to have a rough estimate of the number of clients who may increase or who may be in need of our services.

This will therefore assist the company to acquire adequate resources that will satisfy the need of all our clients. Important Areas of Quality for the Freshness Company Quality is an important aspect that determines the success of any company; the first important area of quality is the quality of the services offered by the company of which, in this case, is the quality of the juice. The company offers Fresh juice to its clients; the juice is not preserved with any additive.

This is one of the most important aspects of quality for the company; it assures its clients of high quality fresh juice without any form of preservative additives. In order to ensure high quality products to our clients, the company focuses on high level of cleanliness in regard to the resources used for preparing the fruit juice, utilization of fresh fruits and maintaining cleanliness in relation to the storage materials in the company. Our company also maintains a high sense of cleanliness and personal hygiene. The other aspect of quality important to the Company is the quality of service provision.

This ranges from customer-employee relation to the manner by, which specific services are offered to clients. Customers are usually attracted to services offered by people of great inter-personal skills as well as proper communication skills. Research has indicated that client-employee relationship facilitates improvement of a company’s sales therefore the overall income of the company. Moreover, the quality of resources used for packaging and other resources that may be used to serve clients such as seats and tables that may be used by clients as they take their servings are also very pertinent for the success of the business.

Provision of services with such resources in a high quality enhances the comfortability of clients hence increasing their loyalty towards the services offered by the company. Tools of Quality Management One of the important tools that can be used to manage quality of the services provided is the use of quality management laws as well as standard rules of such as those set by the International Standardization Organization usually abbreviated as the ISO’s.

For instance; the ISO 9000 sets out specific standards for maintaining quality in various facets of service provision; moreover, the ISO 22000, also stipulates specific rules and standards that can be used by different food providing companies to offer high quality food products (www. enhancequality. com n. d). Another tool that can be used by the Freshness Juice Company is the use of Total Quality Management Tool TQM: This tool involves integration of various quality management efforts to ensure that high quality services and products are provided to the clients (managementhelp. org n. d).

The company will use various tools such as the use of rules of quality management; proper customer-employee relations et cetera. Quality Management Programs The concept of quality management program entails the application of regulatory based structures that guides companies, specifically food service providing companies (Ireland 2009). Recommended Quality Management Programs The company can apply inspection of various activities undertaken within its premises to identify whether or not they conform to the required quality management standards. This can create a platform of improvement of areas of weaknesses.

Moreover, it can undertake auditing to determine areas of operation that are in conformity with the set standard of quality management. Additionally, the company can employ the use refresher training courses based of quality management among its employees. These shall ensure that the company’s employees are up dated on current quality management standards as well as improving their capacity in regard to quality management. References Ireland, L. R. (2009). Quality management for projects and programs. Drexel Hill, PA: Project Management Institute. Peters, B. H., & Peters, J.

L. (2011). Total quality management. New York, N.Y. : Conference Board. Qualified Systems Enhancement. (n. d.). QSE RSS. Retrieved February 15, 2014, from http: //www. enhancequality. com/iso-standards/iso-22000-food-safety-management-systems/ Total Quality Management (TQM). (n. d.). Total Quality Management (TQM). Retrieved February 15, 2014, from http: //managementhelp. org/quality/tqm/tqm. htm Kalia, M. (2010). Food quality management. Udaipur: Agrotech Pub. Academy.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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