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My Career Development Plan My career plan Executive summary The paper focuses on achievement of my dreams and aspiration that I hold dear to my heart. The ultimate goal of everyone is to achieve social success that is based on succeeding financially, having the best occupation and being on the executive position. However, one needs to work from bottom and work your way up. I believe that my future contains adventurous and exciting events. The achievement of all this requires one to have a strategic plan on how to succeed (Rothwell, 2005).

I believe that I have taken the basic step of acquiring university education. My graduation will open doors to an exciting employment, a successful career path, a reasonable salary, and the social benefits associated with it. I still have a lot of things to do in order to ensure that I achieve my goals towards securing a successful career path. This paper shows career planning and goals achieved in the next five or more years. Education My primary goal is to complete my Bachelors degree in HRD within the stipulated four years.

I am currently a fourth year student at Indiana State University. Upon graduation, am optimistic to attend numerous discussions, training seminars and webinars as well as taking online or short-courses on career development. These will provide important information on diverse working conditions, new labor laws or changes in the workforce. Resume In my university education, I have learnt the best possible ways of preparing an efficient resume that is simple and describes me best. In this regard, I intend to modify my current resume and incorporate essential element that will reach the attention of potential employers.

These elements intends to meet the specified job requirements, unique personal values, relevant characteristics, academic performance, degree achieved, internships, awards granted, industry competence and related job experience. Mentorship In order for me to make the best decisions and choices in my career, I intend to establish an appropriate mentor and career counselor. In this regard, the person must have high reputation, and highly qualified with vast experience in the human resource department. He/she will provide me with new ideas, assist me in editing my resume, guide me on acquiring internship or a placing at a prominent, and assist me practice interviews. Internships Since human resource development department requires all students to have an internship before graduation, I intend to consult the career counselor at ISU career center as well as interact with my mentor to acquire the best internship.

Since I am much interested in volunteer work in not-for-for-profit organizations, I believe that I will enable me get an internship where I will work hard so that I can get the approval of potential employers and open up the opportunities to develop my career.

I intend to use communication skills and social skills to create a suitable working conditions and success of the firm. Since I am not a selective person, I intend to join a service industry such as a hotel service which is a dynamic industry sector Networking Networking is an essential element in career growth. It will enable me to link up with employers in big organization. As earlier mentioned my mentor will have a significant role in linking me up with such individuals. However, I also intend to apply my social skills and interact with people especially those individuals that are employed in the human resource department.

I intend to join youth activities in our local church and take other leadership position in my community so that I interact with people and gain from the information that they will provide me with. Currently I am a member of Linked in, an online social platform that links up employers with employees as well as provide an opportunity for employers to advertise vacant positions. I also have joined other peer to peer groups which inform me on job openings, and other employment advice. Research This is an essential way of knowing the type of company that you intend to work for.

It is imperative to the success and growth of my career that I get as much information as possible on organizations that I intend to work in before I consider them for employment. In this regard, I will network with employees and the management of such organization and organize for brief interviews with them. In my interview, I will concentrate on knowing organizational policies, employment life, employment opportunities and how they interview prospective employees (Rothwell, 2005).

In my research, I also have to consider location. Being a student at ISU, I will concentrate more on being employed within our state, but also consider high potential areas like Chicago and New York. This is because such places are so dynamic and have high employment opportunities. Having travelled to New York before, I am sure to easily get my first employments that will jumpstart my career. I also intend to use internet career connection, a career guidance website to research on other fields that may be related to my career.

Since am interested in human resource field in the business and corporate world, I will research on other business related fields that interest me such as marketing, accounting, finance and audit. This is because I have some limited training in these fields. A simplified summary of my career plan My Goals Activities to reach goals Time frame B. S Human Resource Degree course. Discover which career in HRD that most interest me. Attend Indiana state university complete by December 2015 Take short course on career development Online Complete by January 2015 Complete Certified Public accountant (CPA)course Private/Home study Complete by May 2015 Join professional group Join SHRM, NLSA, and Advocates for Equality become an active member April 2015 Search for an internship Edit and send out my resume Do extensive Networking and Follow up May 2015 Search for employment as Human Resource assistant Send Resumes on prospective jobs Do extensive networking December 2015 Work in Human resource assistant job Working hard and diligently in current position More than two years from now Be promoted to Human Resource Manager and be transferred to Corporate office Acquire experience Contribute towards success of the organization 5-10 years from now Reference Rothwell, W.

J., Jackson, R. D., Knight, S. C. & Lindholm, J. E. (2005). Career planning and succession management. Print

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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