Essays on Recruitment Selection and Appraisal Process Case Study

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The paper "Recruitment Selection and Appraisal Process" is a great example of a Management Case Study. The process of recruitment, selection, and appraisal, are very vital to every organization in today’ s world. the strategic planning, setting up of aims and then consequently goals for your company, are vital areas to consider too. But these processes of Recruitment, Selection ad appraisal are the most vital. In simple words, during the process of recruitment, the recruiter (HR manager) needs to keep a cautious eye on a lot of issues, in the selection process he needs to be vigilant about the personality the appraisal is an important process too, because of the fact whosoever is selected, needs to be kept motivated enough to stay with the company and be loyal to it. In theory, however, it has been made quite attainable.

There are certain steps that have been defined as a specific reference to Recruitment, Selection and appraisal processes of a particular organization. Organizing the recruitment function: This is the initiating step towards the achievement of the task of recruitment; this concept differs from larger organizations to smaller ones.

Specifically, if we tend to deal with large organizations, these organizations need to make their first decision, which is if they would wish to conduct the whole of their recruiting process from one central recruitment office or decentralize the process by recruiting to the firm's various offices. There exist convinced advantages attached to the centralized recruitment function. These are: initially because of centralization, it makes the task easier for all to apply the organization's strategic priorities organization-wide, It lessens replication which means it tends to help us steer clear of the scenario of having more than a few recruitment offices than one, also it makes it a whole lot convenient to distribute the Cost incurred in on New Technologies if any being applied to make the recruitment department and process more efficient.

These can be internet-based recruitments or some pre-screening solutions. , it helps produce synergy; it also assists in comprehending if the recruitment process is good or bad. Looking onto a different picture if the organization's divisions are autonomous, or the recruitment needs vary, it would be wise decisions to decentralize the process. 1   Measuring Recruiting Effectiveness: It has been noted by HR research Analysts that sometimes even small organizations, decide to spend thousand’ s of Dollars upon the process of recruiting employees each year.

But the other fact remains, is that only a handful of organizations actually take the time and effort to asses the effectiveness of all their recruitment processes. The question as to what will e more cost-effective for the company to advertise through the print media or the visual media? It is very vital the evaluation of the outcomes of their recruitments efforts need to be analyzed and thus forecasted by the organization the other vital question is how many successful applicants was the company actually able to generate by using each of the recruitment sources decided? The basic issue of the organization is that any organization would seek to attract better-qualified professionals not just any applicants. 2



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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