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The paper "Speech Recognition Systems" is a great example of an essay on information technology. Speech recognition has come with great communication capabilities which include conversion of text to speech, speech to text and even voice recognition.   The speech recognition technology can be applied innovatively in many ways for the benefit of our daily lives, business, and education.   Many persons need assistance and speech recognition technology has come in quite handy in a number of ways. It can aid some individuals to understand or produce spoken works; the ASL translator and Model talk are useful on this end.

The technology is able to aid individuals who also understand and produce language in written form (speech to text) such as Rex and Timo Stories. Speech technologies are able to replace otherwise expensive human experts in the school and hospital settings through depression diagnosis, English X-Change, guided speech and many other innovations. The technologies can also be useful in improving clumsy difficult graphical user interfaces thanks to innovations like VoiceBox navigation and can also be employed in business environments.                       Given the continued development and continued application of speech recognition systems in our day to day lives I think the future is coming when they will eventually replace humans in common phone interactions.

A salesperson in the field or in a supermarket, for instance, can innovatively convert text on a machine remotely into speech when conversing with a customer on a real-time basis. Healthcare professionals are able also to get accurate information from patients of depression by employing speech recognition as patients talking practitioners may be tempted to give false information. As such therefore I think speech recognition systems will soon take place the humans in telephone conversations with many benefits to life aspects such as education, communication, business and entertainment.

This is good as it saves on the costs of hiring experts and tremendously improves the lives of many people. It also speeds up the speed and accuracy of doing things in the aspects of business particularly. The only disadvantages are the loss of jobs who would have been employed in the same roles.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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