Essays on Managerial Judgment in Strategic Marketing Research Proposal

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The paper "Managerial Judgment in Strategic Marketing" is an outstanding example of a management research proposal.   This research examines the different aspects of managerial judgment and its relation to strategic marketing. This interaction is critical if a company is to achieve maximum use of its competitive advantage for the highest attainable profit margins and high customer ratings. This research will examine this interaction and identify areas that need to be worked on to achieve the company’ s objectives. This research will achieve this through the help of a hybrid approach which involves mostly qualitative methods of research with a grounded theoretical bias and quantitative methods of research where especially statistical data will inform the process of analysis and drawing conclusions. MANAGERIAL JUDGMENT IN STRATEGIC MARKETING INTRODUCTION Management Judgment determines the success of a company’ s strategic marketing policy.

Strategic marketing is viewed by several companies as a critical part of their operations. It is in most cases not considered as a management function. In recent years, marketing has increasingly been viewed as a management function of a company. (American Marketing Association, 2007) Strategic marketing is all about identifying areas where the company has a competitive advantage over the rest of the players in that sector of the market and using the available resources to ensure that this advantage is used for the achievement of the company’ s goals; chief among which is maximizing profits.

This makes it such an important aspect of a company’ s operations that it needs to be deliberated on at the managerial level. This is because management deals with the allocation and control of resources (Mason and Swanson 1979). If strategic marketing is to be given the due consideration it deserves, then it must be handled at the management level. One of the most important aspects of management is Judgment.

Judgment refers to making a decision on what should be done. Decisions play a very vital role in management. (Goodwin & Wright, 2004) Therefore management judgment has a direct relation with strategic marketing.



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