Essays on Frequent Accidents in the Administration Office as a Result of Loose Computer Cables on the Floor Coursework

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The paper 'Frequent Accidents in the Administration Office as a Result of Loose Computer Cables on the Floor" is a great example of management coursework.   As the organization expands, there has been a need to acquire more computers. Majority of these computers have been added to the administration office. However, loose computer cables have to lead to an increase in the number of near-accidents and accidents in the administration. Some of these accidents have been so serious as to warrant medical attention from qualified doctors. The problem is further compounded by the poor workstation arrangement in the administration office.

The lack of care among the staff is also a contributory factor in the number of accidents. Type of hazard Loose computer cables create a physical hazard. This is because they can cause falls which may lead to serious injuries. Risks if not controlled 1. Loose computer cables can cause serious slips and falls, which could result in the serious injury of the staff member involved. 2. If staff members are injured and require seeing a medical doctor the bills they incur will be covered by the company.

This means that the company will lose money on matters that can be altogether avoided. 3. Injured staff members are likely to take time off in order to recuperate, this will have an adverse effect on their productivity. It may also lead to employing temporary staff to perform their duties during this time, this is creating an extra expense on the company. 4. Loose computer cables may also lead to the falling of the computers if a staff member trips on them. This creates a future risk of injury to the employees and an additional expense of having to replace destroyed computers. 5.

The company may be faced by lawsuits for compensation from its staff that are injured when they are in the office. This could result in lengthy court cases and huge financial burdens to the company should they lose in such proceedings. 6. The company also loses money every time they have to call in the maintenance time to fix cables well. They should thus ensure that the installation of new computers is done well. Control measures. 1.Proper installation of new computers to ensure that there are no losing cables. 2.

Fixing of all loose cables in the administration office as well as other offices in the company. There should be prompt maintenance on any cables that become loose in future. 3. Care of staff when they are using their computers so as to ensure that they do not loosen any fixed computer cables. They should also report any loose cables to the supervisor immediately. Control measure I choose I choose the fixing of all loose cables since this is the problem that is currently affecting the administration office.

If all loose computer cables are fixed the risk of future accidents, occurring is minimal. This will ensure that the administration staff does not have to miss work because of injuries. The conducive working environment will also result in a positive working environment and thus improved productivity. Cost of control The control will not add any extra expense to the company, this is because the company already employs a maintenance crew, which will carry out the repairs.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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