Essays on Morgan Car Company Organizational Conflict Assignment

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The paper "Morgan Car Company Organizational Conflict " is a perfect example of a business assignment.   A change agent is a person who causes a change in an organization as they act as a catalyst for the introduction of new ways of doing things in an organization (Dealy and Thomas 2006, p. 10). More so, they focus on the impact of changing technologies, structures and relationships in an organization, and they can managers, workers or outside consultants. They initiate change, convince others to embrace change and help them understand the need to change.

In Morgan Car Company’ s case study, there were many problems linked with this car company in various departments including production, planning, management and workforce. To begin with, the production rate in this company is very low and the car is hand-built because they have little power tool and no new machinery. Given that the company produce a solely handcrafted car, the production process is low and the number of cars produced in a week is limited. Secondly, the company has a poor planning strategy and so the way the management plan and organize work is very ineffective.

For instance, the company has up to 50 years of stock and this not practical because some of the models are not produced anymore. Moreover, this company has a visual-based stock control system and this makes ordering of cars extremely difficult and unpredictable. Morgan Motors Company’ s personnel are very conservative in the manner they approach change and because of this, they are not willing and reluctant to change anything since change creates fear amongst them. For instance, the owners of the company claim that change is not necessary, as it would damage the company’ s main selling point, that is, the handcrafted nature of the car that they produce.

They have the mentality that if they were to alter anything, they would reduce the demand for their products and this will in turn put the company at risk. Their resistance to change implies that the management is satisfied with the ridiculously long waiting times. Sadly, the owners of this company believe that consumers are patient and willing to wait for their car however how long they take to produce them.

It is unfortunate that some consumers wait up to 5 years for their car to be delivered.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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