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IntroductionKhazana Jewellery is retail outlet having its presence in South India. With growth and diversification the company has started to face certain problems in areas related to the workforce. The policy of the company to hire the top management has backfired as the employees are not accepting it. Filling the vacancies in-house has not been given attention to. This has hampered their progress and is acting as a barrier to growth. Khazana Jewellers has grown and since the start of the business it has established around 17 outlets. The company plans to expand over other areas and considering jewellery as its core business the company has proved the wide market it has.

Khazana Jewellers has different kind of jewellery suiting to the requirements of every person. The company has been able to deliver on its principle of satisfying the customer and ensuring that the quality of their products match the standards and ensure that they grow. Khazana Jewellery is looking for ways to amend it. The company is looking to motivate the workforce so that better results are achieved. The company is looking towards ways to improve the relation which will help to ensure growth.

The report will present the different motivational tools and ways which will help Khazana Jewellers to improve their brand image. Purpose of the ReportTo ensure that the communication process between the management improvesTo ensure that stocks are properly maintained and the customer requirements is given a priorityTo ensure that employees are motivated and in-house vacancies can be filled from people within the organisationTo ensure that customer are handled effectivelyTo ensure that employees are motivated and work efficiently and at the same time the communication process improves.

About the CompanyKhazana Jewellers started as a “jewellery stores in 1989” (Khazana Jewellery, 2010) at Chennai and within some time it developed into a retail chain. The growth of the company can be attributed to the fact that it was clear on the policies to be followed. The organisational framework ensured the company to become a 1300 crore company. It mainly has a presence on South India. Khazana Jewellery growth was ensured due to “establishment of chains of jewellery stores in Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam and Vijayawada”.

(Khazana Jewellery, 2010)The company has grown and is having “17 stores with all in India”. (Khazana Jewellers, 2010) The way in which the company manages itself is seen as a drive for growth. The organisational hierarchy is defined for Khazana Jewellers. The organisational chart looks as followsKhazana Jewelers has thus defined the role of all members. Even the hierarchy framework defines who will be accountable to whom. It defines the role for each and can help Khazana Jewellers to look at alternatives within the organisation to fill areas of respnsibility for the higher position.

This can also beattributed by the fact that Khazana Jewellers has “all the deparments required in a company and all functioning together to ensure growth”. (Khazana Jewellers Team, 2010)The company recently faced some problems related to human resource. “The employees were relcutant to change and the company looking at external sources to hire employees for higher position created a rift and hampered the growth”. (Khazana Jewellers Website, 2010)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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