Essays on Motivation for Women for Attending Sports Events Research Proposal

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The paper “ Motivation for Women for Attending Sports Events" is a convincing variant of a research proposal on marketing. Over the last five years, attendance at sports events in Australia has grown at a rate of 13%, with around 7 million Australians attending a sporting event in the year 2004. This number includes 4 million males and 3 million females, which shows that the numbers of males are more than females. There can be a number of ways for justifying this difference. It can be a result of demographic data, population data (ratio of male and female in Australia), men are more motivated for attending sports events, psychographics and social causes for the same, etc. On the rationale that arises in a number of women attended at any sporting event will give a boost to the sports event and accessories business, I have conducted exploratory research aiming to find out the motivational factors for women to attend any sporting event.

This research will help me to understand what attracts women to a sports ground. The results and conclusion will be valuable in developing a marketing plan and strategies to attract more women towards attending sports events. During the research, I have planned to have in-depth interviews of more than 150 women across age groups and 5 focus group discussions.

These methods are suitable to get more qualitative data which will be helpful later. In-depth interviews will be an unstructured basis and this will give more space to go in-depth of the answers given by respondents. A proper guideline is being prepared for the areas which I need to touch while interviewing any females. Background of the studyPlaying and watching any sports game has been an intricate part of life.

Everybody wants to enjoy that and it does not matter which age group, gender group, social group does he\she belong. The sports events have given a boost to the world economy also. If we take a case of India, where cricket is a religion, during the last Indian Premier League, the total spending was a hundred of millions of dollars. This is the same with Australia too. Sports have the potential to boost the business and have a lot more opportunities in it. The participants are required from each and every age group, but we have seen a negative trend in Australian participants where the number of women attending any sports event is quite lesser than the number of men.

There it becomes imperative to understand the causes behind that. From the marketing perspective, it is most important to understand what motivates women to attend these sports events. It is quite imperative to understand the central theme of consumer behavior for developing a successful marketing plan. This is the same in the case of sports marketing; there were many studies conducted that explains the critical aspects of consumer behavior.

Considering an example of research conducted by Robertson and Pop on the attendance of women in professional sports in Australia. It was examined that sports marketing at Division 1A universities in the United States - Analyzed attendance at basketball, baseball, and football games - The study included both professional and Divison1A teams. For any organization, its main objective is to raise the awareness level and create a much more impactful image of the sports.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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