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Running Head: MOTIVATION ISSUES Motivation Issues s s Motivation Issues Research indicates that many employees whohave input into job design and who are given greater responsibility frequently show far greater motivation. These innovative ideas are considered forms of employee empowerment. (Brainmass) 1. The act of transferring the power or the authority of decision making, concerning an employee’s job, to the employee is known as employee empowerment. It is basically a strategically procedure adopted to enhance the motivation of the employee. This kind of process is implemented in organizations in order to make the employee more responsible and concerned about his work and its growth.

This kind of empowerment helps him to own his work. (About. com) 2. The pros from the perspective of the employee are as follows: - a. An Employee gets a chance to be enterprising. Their imaginations and creativity can be put to effect. b. On being empowered employees get the freedom to work in the way they feel the best and hence job satisfaction is gained. The feeling of being needed by the company also gives them happiness and confidence. c. Sense of work ownership makes them more responsible and more willing to work for the betterment and growth of the organization. Though money is the primary motive of all the employees but up to a certain limit, after that it fails to motivate the employees.

Hence, employee empowerment plays a vital role in keeping the zest of the employee high. This way the employee does not get bored with his mundane duties. (Management Study Guide) 3. The pros from the perspective of the supervisor are as follows: - a. Since the employee is empowered of taking decisions concerning his work on his own, the Supervisor is relieved of so much effort and time. b.

He can use that time to complete other tasks like taking higher level decisions. c. He can utilize that time in training, developing and motivating other new employees. d. His employees become more eager to take up more projects and get them done. 4. Theory X stated by Douglas McGregor accepts the fact that all the employees are reluctant to work and hence there is a need for supervision by the supervisor who would force and drive them to do their work.

Whereas Theory Y proposes that employees would show more interest in work if they are given the power and authority to take decisions, regarding their work, on their own. Hence, supervisors need to trust them and give them full liberty to work according to their will rather than behaving like a Hitler at all-time standing on their head. For the strategy of employee empowerment to work successfully the manager needs to have some faith on his employees and he must be open to new ideas and strategies proposed by the employees.

The entire management team must give the employee a chance to show his capabilities in order to achieve the desired goals of the company. If Theory X is applied to employee empowerment then it would just be a waste of time and energy of both the management and the employees. Therefore, in order to make the strategy of employee empowerment successful the management requires adopting the Theory Y. 5. Labor unions were formed because there were no opportunities for the labor to improve his standard of work or living.

Employee empowerment works very well in the unionized environments as it makes the unions feels they are given just and honorable environment to work in. It helps keep the morale of the labor high. It is a fact that an empowered employee is more prepared to stand up for his right. Due to availability of higher remunerations, great benefits and safe working locations, the employee empowerment is positive in unionized environments. (Hub Pages) References Brainmass. (n. d.). What are the pros and cons of employee empowerment? .

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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