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Movie AnalysisThe movie “Friday Night Lights” was released on 2004 and is considered as a great hit. The movie is based on a book, named “Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream” was written by H. G. Bissinger. The movie features a high school football team and a coach in Odessa, Texas, where the team is famous and seems like the only source of enjoyment and entertainment for them. The regular Friday match is a big event for the locality of Odessa and people take it quiet serious.

The movie is a must watch for the entire sports lover and is a real thrill. In 2006, the television series was also launched named, Friday Night Lights, and is on airing successfully on NBC. H. G. Bissinger wrote this book and the story is following the team and its events during 1980’s. The team consists of players from the Carter High School Dallas and they go for playing the championship game too and win it. This movie is very well filmed and deals with the social and political problem of a small town Odessa.

The name of the team is Permian Panthers. The story also explains the racism, prejudice, segregation and poverty of the small locality, which is divided into black and white on both sides of a railway line. The coach of the team is Gary Gaines, who is not the best coach but tries his best for the victory. He is familiar with the expectations of people of the Odessa and in order to come up to their expectations, he wants the team to win the championship.

He is a controversial character throughout the movie. Once when he overuses his star player, “Boobie”, and he gets seriously injured during a match, people of the Odessa demands his resignation on a larger scale. Coach Gaines deals with the politics of the team well. The other players include Mike Winchell, Brain Chaves and Don Billingsley. The film is about the characters of star running back Boobie Miles, quarterback Mike Winchell, defensive player Brian Chavez, and running back Don Billingsley. What motivates each football player? Is intrinsic or extrinsic motivation involved?

Discuss your answer. Boobie Miles is a star player in the team and is a player # 45 and plays tailback. The character was played by the Derek Luke. The movie won’t be an interesting one without Boobie Miles. Like the other characters, Boobie Miles is also an average American teenager, whose life is not an ideal one but still he is trying his best to enjoy it completely. Mike Winchell is a quarterback player in the team and the role was played by the Lucas Black.

He had played extremely well in the championship match, which the Permian Panthers played and was a big event for the whole Odessa. Brian Chavez is the defensive player and the role played by Jay Hernandez. Though he is been teased and harassed by the other team members, who keeps on calling him “black sheep”. The reason for this is that he lacks pure and basic football impulse in him, that’s why they call him like this, though he is a good player when playing in the field and also a good member of the team.

The other characteristic of him is that he, unlike others, bit certain about his further career in football after his high school.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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