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The paper "Colesworths Australia’ s Largest Supermarket Chain" is a great example of a marketing case study.   You are an assistant manager at Colesworths, Bondi Junction. Colesworths is Australia’ s largest supermarket chain. Over the last few years, the company has been dismissive about the importance of WHS.   This changed a month ago when both an employee and customer were seriously injured when the worker, attempting to put a heavy box on a top shelf, fell off the ladder on to a customer. Not only was the company heavily fined, but the ensuing publicity caused significant damage to the company’ s reputation. The company’ s CEO has requested that each store delegate an assistant manager to administer the store’ s WHS policies.

The CEO has asked that each store submit a report detailing the provision of WHS training, procedures and legal requirements for identifying hazards and procedures for maintaining WHS records. This report is to include: Two (2) methods of identifying staff WHS training needs. Personnel to consult with in regards to staff training needs. Provide at least two (2). Coaching and mentoring assistance that can be provided to staff in relation to manual handling. An organisation that can assist in providing training on manual handling.

Provide details of: Name of organisation Name of course Length of course Cost < < Please write your answer here> > The CEO Colesworths Supermarket Report on the Provision of WHS Training Methods of identifying Staff training needs Two methods will be applied to the identification of staff training needs. They include; Training needs analysis- this will be conducted to find a training gap and will be initially dome so as to determine the actual training needs of those to be trained. It will be aimed at capturing the learner requirements in ensuring effective training.

The training gaps will be identified in a number of ways including observation, incident report forms, accident report forms, statistics and figures on incidents and accidents, manager reports, feedback from colleagues, feedback from customers/clients, and comparison of current tasks with job performance as well as through performance reviews. Skills audit – this will involve identifications of the skills workers would need in a bid to perform their roles safely. This can be done through a number of ways including interviewing staff members and team members, observation, supervisor reports, general Q& A session with team members, suggestions, formal assessments, surveys and employment and personnel files. Personnel to contact regarding training needs The following are the personnel to be contacted regarding training needs. Managers and supervisors – these are the people under whom the employees work.

As such, the much likely to be aware of WHS training needs for those they manage and supervise. The employees undergoing training themselves- these are the people who do the work roles and hence they are highly likely to know the hazards and risks they are exposed to in the workplace.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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