Essays on Mrketing Cummincations Plan For Dior S New Fragrance Violet Assignment

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3.1.1. Regulatory Environment 63.1.2. Competitive Environment 73.1.3. Internal Environment 73.1.4. Conclusion: The Key Challenge 74. Overall Communications Strategy 74.1. Communications strategy 84.2. Integration 85. Advertising Campaign 95.1. Advertising Strategy 95.2. Channel strategy and Objectives 105.3. Media Mix, Reach and Frequency Objectives 105.4. Schedule 106. Other Elements of the Communications Mix 116.1. Strategy and Objectives for each additional element employed 117. Conclusion 121. IntroductionThe objective of this document is to present a marketing plan for the new fragrance product by Dior after analyzing the market, the competition and the targeted audience. Dior is an international fashion house with branches and stores all across the globe; it is famous for the beauty products it markets.

The founder of Dior was an influential French fashion designer Christian Dior (1905-57). Dior the company gives us an amazing range of cosmetics and skin care products, which are renowned world wide among women who use cosmetics and skin care products and also among men for its few specifically designed products. Dior also delivers to consumers an exotic assortment of fragrances, along with other cosmetic products.

Dior is a famous and one of the most celebrated brand name and many people acknowledge Dior’s brand power. 1.1. Brief Outline of Category Fragrances are approximately 30 billion dollar industry and expanding, yet fragrances are one of the shabbiest performing sectors of the cosmetics industry. The reason is that market is cluttered by varying new range of perfume products. It is very difficult to promote brand loyalty amongst consumers when as many as hundreds of new products are being launched in market every year. Dior has an edge in this regard as it has already earned brand recognition and loyalty amongst consumers through its skin care and beauty products.

People especially females will definitely identify with a fragrance product by Dior and if properly marketed and promoted the product can be a long term success. 1.2. Brief Outline of Brand A new fragrance for women is being introduced by Dior in Australia. The name of the fragrance is Violet and it is exotic as well as sensuous, and exudes femininity. The product Violet for Women promises high quality and customer satisfaction at par with other products by Dior.

1.3. Brand Marketing and Positioning Strategy The price might be an issue for students. But we can promote it as the best present a man can buy for his woman so that fiancées, boyfriends and husbands can indulge females who might not have money on their own. The way to entice target audience is to bring something new and market it as such. There are plenty of violet scented perfumes in the market so we have to highlight why is ours different; emphasize the ingenuity that makes it stand out. 2.

Target Audience Profile According to the Roy Morgan graph presented in Figure 2.1.1 the purchase intentions of woman on cosmetics aged 18-34, the index value of 165 means that woman aged 18-34 are 70% - 75 % more likely to purchase women’s cosmetics then it s nearest rival women aged 50-64.In Figure 2.1.2 the graph shows that women in the age bracket of 18 to 34 are more likely to go for fragrances and form the largest chunk of the perfume market. The research presented through the Roy Morgan graph shows the target customers for the advertisement campaign.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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