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Multinational Companies Multinational Companies This essay will discuss about two popular multinational companies, Starbucks Corporation, based in the United States and H&M, based in Sweden. The focus of the study is the information offered on their websites that is directed to the three company stakeholders, namely, the employees, customers and the community. H&M is a clothing company which was established in Sweden in 1947. It now operates in 44 markets worldwide and has 94,000 employees (H&M, n.d. ). The information directed to its employees shows H&M strives to be an excellent employer to all its workers in all parts of the world.

They make sure that they adhere to the labor laws and regulations of the country where they operate. Employees are treated fairly and are given the right to organize freely and are allowed to voice out their opinions on work-related issues. To its customers, H&M promises to “bring fashion and quality at the best price” (H&M, n.d. ). They offer gift cards or merchandise credit cards for their customers to make shopping more convenient. Furthermore, H&M shows its concern towards its clientele through its return and refund policy, size guide, online shopping and garment care advice.

H&M’s concern for the community is evidenced by its commitment to ensuring that “all products are made under good working conditions and with the least possible impact on the environment” (H&M, n.d. ). H&M’s vision is that the operations of its business will be executed in a manner that it will be “economically, socially and environmentally sustainable” (H&M, n.d. ). As of October 2011, Starbucks Corporation operates 17,003 stores worldwide (Starbucks Coffee Company, 2011).

Judging from its website, one can say that Starbucks is another multinational company which is committed to its employees, customers and community. Working at Starbucks is “like working with your friend” (Starbucks Corporation, n.d. ). The company believes in taking care of its employees because they consider their employees as partners. The clients of Starbucks are assured of high quality food and beverage. They offer premium coffee, tea, pastries and breads that are pleasing to the taste buds (Starbucks Corporation, n.d. ). Starbuck’s believes in helping the communities where they operate.

They are dedicated “to striking a balance between profitability and social conscience” (Starbucks Corporation, n.d. ). They are committed in promoting environmental consciousness through their programs of recycling and reducing waste, energy and water conservation, green building and tackling issues on climate change. Comparing the websites of H&M and Starbucks, one does not really see any marked difference with regards to information on their employees, clients and community. Both are totally committed to their stakeholders as evidenced by their values and philosophies. Although one is based in America and the other in Europe, both companies operate efficiently and effectively, always making sure that there is a balance for their concern for their employees, clients and the communities where they conduct business.

Like most companies nowadays, both organizations have turned to sustainability to assure them of a competitive edge in the global market. Because of the trend towards globalization, one notices that multinational companies respect cultural differences among its employees, clients and communities. Concern for the stakeholders is viewed in a worldwide perspective.

Even if Starbucks and H&M are based in different regions, cultural discrepancies do not have a place in their organizations. References H&M. (n. d.). Conscious. Retrieved March 29, 2012, from about. hm. com: http: //about. hm. com/content/hm/AboutSection/en/About/Sustainability. html H&M. (n. d.). H&M in brief. Retrieved March 29, 2012, from about. hm. com: http: //about. hm. com/content/hm/AboutSection/en/About/Facts-About-HM. html#cm-footer Starbucks Coffee Company. (2011, December). Starbucks company profile. Retrieved March 29, 2012, from assets. starbucks. com: http: //assets. starbucks. com/assets/aboutuscompanyprofileq42011121411final. pdf Starbucks Corporation. (n. d.). Being a responsible company. Retrieved March 29, 2012, from starbucks. com: http: //www. starbucks. com/responsibility Starbucks Corporation. (n. d.). Our company. Retrieved March 29, 2012, from starbucks. com: http: //www. starbucks. com/about-us/company-information Starbucks Corporation. (n. d.). Working at Starbucks. Retrieved March 29, 2012, from starbucks. com: http: //www. starbucks. com/career-center/working-at-starbucks

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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