Essays on Multitasking Assignment

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Question I consider myself a multitasker. In my opinion multitasking is a great strategy for people to get more things done in a shorter amount of time. A few years ago I worked as an office assistant for an accounting firm. At that job I was often given many different tasks to complete. I was constantly multitasking to get all the jobs tasks done. Based on the fact that my boss told me on several occasions that I was one of the most efficient and productive employees I realize that multitasking made me a better employee.

I often also use multitasking when I’m studying. While I read I like to listen to music which implies I’m doing two things at once. When I perform research I often open several web pages at the same time. I consider the claims that the case study made bogus. Most people I have met consider multitasking a good thing. “It has become increasingly important for professionals to handle several responsibilities simultaneously” (Interexchange). Question #2 Complex tasks require greater concentration and effort. I can see how multitasking might negatively impact a person that is given a complex task to complete.

The secondary tasks that a person is given along with the complex interfere with the ability of the person to get the job done. Employees often feel a lot of pressure when given a complex task to complete. Personally when I am given a complex I don’t like to have other things to do that might interfere with my ability to complete the job. Question #3 In my opinion multitasking is a good thing, but I tend to agree that doing so raises the level of stress of a person.

A lot of people often feel a level of panic when they are multitasking. The reason this panic sensation may occur is because a person’s brain when multitasking is working at a higher capacity. Multitasking also requires greater concentration. Another potential reason why people feel stress out when multitasking is because of time. Having multiple deadlines to comply with on the different tasks the person is performing can be a very stressful ordeal. Question #4 Personally it would be tough for me to do only one thing at a time.

I believe in the value of multitasking. It is difficult for me to concentrate on doing only one thing in my personal and professional life. My television watching tendency is an example of my behavior. When I am watching television I often put several channels at once with my picture in picture feature of my smart TV. I also usually look at the internet on my laptop while I watch television especially when I am watching sports in order to keep track of the statistics of my favorite players.

My study habits are also affected by multitasking. I usually study in short spurts. I find it hard to concentrate on single tasks. If I was forced to do one thing at a time I can probably only do it for a maximum of a couple of hours. Works Cited Interexchange. org. 25 June 2012. “The Value of Multitasking in the Modern Workplace. ” 26 February 2014.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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