Essays on Music Masterpiece by King's Singers and History of Music by String Fever Essay

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The paper "Music Masterpiece by King's Singers and History of Music by String Fever" is a good example of an essay on music. The King’ s Singers is a very entertaining acapella group with a wonderful talent for creating a humorous bend on a topic. In this instance, they used the history of music as a theme, recreating styles reminiscent of chronological eras of music with the lyrics being very straight forward without description but rather most often the name of the composer who exemplified the period. The audience was very amused with the use of Beethoven’ s name as the music itself was intense and was punctuated by the use of it in interesting uses of the dark themes that can be found in his work.

One of the more interesting moments was when the music fell to the Claude Debussy tribute. The tones were amazingly docile with the dissonant harmonies melodiously resonating with the beauty of Debussy’ s work. Of course, it could not stay too serious as one of the group broke away to sing along, as the others stood by embarrassed, a bit of Wagner. String Fever and their creation of The History of Music was amusing as well but did not quite match the brilliance of the singers.

The beauty of the music was clear, but the humor did not translate quite as quickly. The electric cellist was compelling, especially when he fell into a pizzicato during the theme to 2010, which then transitioned beautifully into the next piece. A little bit of Scott Joplin was a joy to here, then soon music from the Sound of Music could be heard, along with some Cole Porter.

The History of Music couldn’ t be complete without a little Elvis and the Beatles. My favorite was the of course when Another Bites the Dust could be heard. However, Michael Jackson’ s Billy Jean was a lot of fun to hear as well as the Theme from Psycho. All in all, the music from both groups was compelling and held the amused interest of the listener. I found the singers to have stronger performance, although the string quartet was quite amazing as well. This type of playfulness is a wonderful way to experience music.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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