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The paper 'My Career as a Database Administrator " is a good example of business coursework.   Database Administrator can be defined as that person given the responsibility of designing, implementing, repairing and maintaining the database of a given organization. The key role of a database administrator is to develop and also design strategies of the database, monitor and improve the capacity as well as the performance of the database and finally plan the requirements needed for future expansion. They are also expected to coordinate, plan as well as implementing security protection of the database.

Among other tasks of a database, administrator includes controlling who should be given permission to access the database and who should not, developing strategies for the backup of database and its recovery, replication and transfer of data and making sure data is available to users. So, this report is about my career as a database administrator and it gives detailed information on the various aspects of a database administrator and convincing reasons as to why such a career is the best for me. I did extensive research and analyzed the results which are presented in this report.

(Mullins, 2002) METHODOLOGY QUESTIONNAIRES I came to know that I needed enough knowledge and preparation of the information that would be helpful to me as I plan and decide to choose a database administrator career. So I researched extensively on various samples of career planning questionnaire and realized that above 80% of the results when I filled six questionnaires were leading me to database administrator career. I was therefore confident that this is the career of my dream. (Petersen, 2000) EMPLOYMENT SKILLS For me to be employed, I came to understand that I need to evaluate myself deeply my weak and strong points and this I carried out successively thereby choosing the career of database administrator.

Even though I recognized weaknesses as well as strengths in myself towards this career during my research, the weaknesses were more on other careers than this and areas which need improvement are minimal. After evaluating myself critically, I found out that I love working with computers, designing computer programs using various computer languages such as Java, Visual Basic, C++ and FORTRAN.

I would run a specific project using all the languages and it was working. I used to make a database for the data used by the programs. For example, I wrote a program using C++ language that turned off every particular computer in the computer lab that I chose. The knowledge of the field in which someone is seeking a job is vital and this gave me an advantage in my research for the career. (Petersen, 2000) My excellent communication skills gave me an added advantage to my evaluation about employability skills since from experience and much more from learning I have been good at listening, speaking and writing effectively.

From my research I found this attribute to be very instrumental as a vital requirement to job seekers. In the field of data administration, communication skills are very important because possession of the skills makes one interact well with others in the workplace.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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