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The paper "My Internship Experience" is an outstanding example of a business essay.   This study intends to comprehensively summarize my work experience throughout the internship program. With the aim to clearly outline the major learning outcomes, the report also tends to develop a reflective statement and an evaluative interpretation regarding my roles within the organization. In order to develop significant validity and reliability of the report, I would also like to demonstrate a clear view of the different essential processes and learning activities that I went through during the internship program, which further helped in enriching my understanding of organizational processes and workplace challenges to a considerable extent.

This report will also make an attempt to figure out the activities performed in the internship program and explore why and how my responsibilities were outlined under the influence of the organizational culture and practices. Finally, the report will focus on suggesting effective ways through which, the organizational culture and practices were different from or were similar to my academic concepts. COMPREHENSIVE SUMMARY OF MY INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCEIn the internship program, I was assigned to work with a Food Staffing group, which is quite similar to globally celebrated organizations, like Aramark and Centerplate.

The group basically deals with a range of innovative services to different segments of clients including universities, healthcare institutions, school districts and a multitude of business industries. I have also observed that tailored strategic directions regarding the food and beverage programs, exceptional range of hospitality designs along with different rewarding programs and retail operations, form the few key services provided by the organization to attract the customers and further strive to build a long-run relationship with them.

In this regard, I have gained a wide knowledge and experience regarding the different operational functions and services of the organization in which, I was assigned to complete my internship course.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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