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Background informationVarious organizations in the twenty first century apparently have realized that there is a relationship between wellness of their employees and the overall performance of the organizations. This realization manifests in the area of health services within organizations, which continuously occupy vital priorities in the Human Resources Divisions of companies. Companies have discovered the value of investing in the health and wellness of employees (Johanns, 2009, p24). It is no longer strange to find companies in this age introducing medical Insurance covers for their employees. Apart from health insurances, some organizations have in place first aid kits and dispensaries for emergency responses.

They also have professionals, who are responsible for administering first aid and life-saving services. Regardless of the exorbitant costs of health and wellness programmes, companies prefer them in various forms, since they have long-term sustainable benefits with direct impacts on the companies’ production and profitability. Failure to establish the programmes imply that the employees’ health standards will be compromised and hence poor work delivery. It also leads to poor work attendance. Health programmes in organizations play the roles of securing the safety of employees both at work places and outside.

They also guarantee access to health facilities and medical services on as needed basis. Thirdly, these programmes enable employees to acquire knowledge health related knowledge. Most organizations have come to believe, and rightly so, that prevention is cheaper than cure. Basic health education therefore practically reduces the chances of Terminal diseases and other serious health conditions such as obesity, hypertension, gouts and diabetes. Companies have realized that health and wellness programmes have the capacity to sensitize people about heath matters and impose a paradigm shift in employees’ lives.

Many companies periodically invite health specialists to address their employees on various topics such as nutrition, Sexually Transmitted Illnesses, Cancer and the significance of regular check-ups. Essentially, these programmes reflect the understanding of modern organizations that healthy employees form a healthy organization and secure sustainable performance of the organization (Wishart et al, 2007, p227). Wellness programmes enable companies to respond in right time to disease outbreaks and emergence of prevalent diseases such as prostate cancer. Medical Insurances in health programmes facilitate the acquisition of health services without the need to spend money.

Choice of the OrganizationThis study specifically focuses on the health and wellness programme using the case scenario of Swift Errands, an international courier service company. Swift Errands being a cargo and parcel transfer company has had cases of involvement in medical challenges arising from frequencies of accidents and injuries from robberies, apart from the natural illnesses. Swift Errands offers medical Insurance covers to its employees with various limits depending on the employee’s job-grade. The lowest job grade in Swift Errands presently has an outpatient cover limit of about US$ 812.50 per year.

The second job grade has a cover of US$ 6250 per year (Jesson, 2008, p220). In Swift Errands fraternity, employees pass through regular awareness sessions where they get lectures from medical consultants on the significance of responsible behaviours, healthy nutrition, physical training and dangers of drug abuse. Occasionally, the company invites reproductive health specialists. Swift Errands has subscribed for medical services for its employees at various Hospitals in the major cities and all round the cities where its offices exist.

Swift Errands has emergency Champions with professional training to administer Emergencies treatments whenever need arises, before handing over the patients to medical experts.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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