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 National Bank of Abu Dhabi The bank where I was assigned was National Bank of Abu Dhabi where I shadowed the job of Nasser, a customer relationship manager. The National Bank of Abu Dhabi is a well-respected bank and has recently been awarded as the Best Bank in The UAE by Euro money. It has also been noted for closing very big deals like the Dolphin Energy-Middle East Oil and Gas Deal and Zayed University Public Project partnership in 2009. These are all indication that NBAD is a very progressive organization that continually expands by improving its services.

In fact, the vision of NBAD is to become the number one Arab Bank. Their mission states that they want to provide customers with the best services possible which are why customer relationship management is a priority in this institution. The Customer relationship manager plays an important role inside the bank. First, it must be understood that the customer relationships are created and maintained by building trust. In a financial institution, customers must feel and be guaranteed that their money is safe at all times.

The customer relationship manager must make communicate with the customers and update them about the status of their financial transactions. On a larger level, the manager I shadowed has certain financial skills since he also deals with corporate clients. Once he approaches a big business or organization, he must be able to advise them well from a financial standpoint. The advice could cover how to make their assets grow and make their money work for them. He can further refer them to a portfolio manager who can ably handle their accounts under the watchful eyes of the Customer relationship manager. The customer relationship manager must also be able to render customer service even beyond official hours when necessary.

Constantly updating clients about maturing time deposits and interest payments is part of his job function. To make matters really complicated, there’s even online banking that must be tracked well so response can be prompt and efficient. In order to become a good customer relationship manager, one must be a graduate of a business course with a background in accounting.

Marketing skills are preferable as well as very good interpersonal skills for him to handle different kinds of customers. It would be helpful if the person has good computer skills to be able to work with different programs. The person must be fluent in English as well to conduct international business transactions. The person I shadowed was very good at time management and well-organized. He works by the book following all procedures and policies of the organization. I also observed that he relates well to his subordinates by maintaining a firm but friendly disposition.

Daily, Nasser has to make correspondence to important customers and resolve their issues either by e-mail or calling them directly. There are also walk-in clients who need his assistance and he makes time for them. He puts customer needs on top of his busy working schedule. Nasser conducts a weekly meeting with all his staff so they are updated on new policies and resolve current issues. I really learned a lot from this experience since the person I shadowed was very professional in all aspects. He could be a role model for students like me aspiring to become a customer relationship manager on day.

I like the way he upholds virtues such as trust, integrity and discipline. It was really a rewarding experience since he shared with me some wonderful advice on how to become successful like him.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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