Essays on Natural Law Theory Coursework

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The paper "Natural Law Theory" is a perfect example of coursework on law. Natural law is a body of unwritten body of universal principles that underlie the legal and ethical norms by which people evaluate and govern human conduct. These set of laws are significantly different from the positive laws that consist of written rules and regulations endorsed by the government. The general acceptance of the doctrine of natural law among the Germans has led to the disobedience of orders to execute civilians.   As Ohlendorf affirms during his trial, it is indeed inconceivable that a lesser leader should not carry out commands given by the leaders of the state.

In reality, the point of his reasoning is right. However, human beings are moral creatures. If the natural laws exist to govern the ethical nature and behavior of man, then individuals must not follow instructions blindly to appease their leaders. The current scenario of legislation in Germany is mature and individuals seem to feel the impact of the subjection to the set of natural laws. The defiance of the unscrupulous orders from the leaders of the state should not be termed as disobedience.

Rather, the citizens have come to mature up with time and the natural laws and principles individuals tend to recognize and apply them in their life. In this context, Ohlendorf’ s rationale, if evaluated under the contemporary moral and ethical conditions, would be considered as an act that ignores the principles of natural law. Therefore, the general acceptance of the doctrine of natural law among Germans has led to disobedience in orders to execute civilians when ethical and moral principles are at stake.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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