Essays on Ecotourism at Natural Bridge located in the Springbrook National Park Case Study

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The paper 'Ecotourism at Natural Bridge located in the Springbrook National Park" is a good example of a management case study. Tourism is responsible for economic growth in major regions in Australia and in some countries around the world. In fact in some countries such as Kenya, Tourism has in the past been the highest foreign exchange earner. In some regions around Australia such as Gold Coast, tourism and tourism-related activities are the main economic activities. This implies that residents of such regions and governments have actively worked towards promoting tourism by introducing ore features.

Fortunately, this process has given rise to the pollution of the environment resulting from indiscriminate use of resources. For example, a very high number of tourists in a sport-fishing destination pose a danger to some fish species in the area. As a result, ecotourism has come into the picture. The world tourism organization defines ecotourism as nature-based sustainable tourism. As such tourist destinations are working on this new product, ecotourism. The Natural Bridge in Springbrook National Park is one of the many eco-tourist destinations around the world.

This report aims to use a criterion suggested by Weaver (2008) to exemplify how the tourist sites qualify as an eco-tourist destination. 2.0 Ecotourism Criteria (5 criteria from the textbook) Ecotourism is one form of tourism that is considerably different from standard tourism. According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), tourism is a collective term for activities that people engage in, who at that particular time are away from their usual environment either traveling or staying away for leisure or business for less than one consecutive year (Berge et al 2009).

Weaver (2008) offers a very close definition saying that tourism is traveling to visit friends for business and leisure purposes. When the prefix ‘ eco’ is added to tourism, the meaning changes substantially. Fennel says that ecotourism is different from general tourism in that it focuses on elements such as non-consumptiveness, education, romanticism, undisturbed natural settings which hold cultural and historical importance to the local people.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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