Essays on Navajo Adolescent Health Promotion Proposal Book Report/Review

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Navajo Adolescent Health Promotion Proposal Navajo Adolescent Health Promotion Proposal According to Collier, (2005), there is a significant relation between race and most health conditions. This implies that certain diseases affect particular races more than they do others. Age is another fundamental factor that seems to contribute to prevalence of certain diseases. The adolescents in Navajo are extremely vulnerable to obesity. There needs to be an intense promotional campaign on the health of Navajo adolescents.

Experts who participate in such programs need to study the dietary intake of adolescents and their blood pressure. Proposals that intend to address the health of adolescents in this area should be supported. This is because such programs will help in eradication of such conditions as obesity (Griffiths & Weafer, 2004). A proposal that attempts to promote the health of adolescents in Navajo considers the causes of obesity. It also includes collaborations with significant health departments, for example, the Indian Health Service (IHS).

This is because such departments offer significant amounts of funds that make such health proposals successful (Griffiths & Weafer, 2004). Navajo Indians will benefit when such proposals are successful because the health of adolescents will equally improve. There will also be prevention of further cases of obesity among the Navajo adolescents. Proposals that focus on fitness levels of the Navajo adolescents are significant in the entire promotion proposal phenomena (Weiner, 2013). Health promotion proposals in Navajo should focus on several interventions that include the same adolescents.

The interventions should also educate them on the benefits of healthy feeding. Apart from this, the proposals need to consider inclusion of support groups to the obese adolescents. ReferencesGriffiths, C. T., & Weafer, L. F. (2004). Native North Americans: Crime, conflict, and criminal justice: a research bibliography. Vancouver, B.C. : Criminology Research Centre, Simon Fraser University. P.F. Collier, Inc. (2005). Health & Medical Year Book.

New York: People Weekly Book. Weiner, I. B. (2013). Handbook of psychology: Volume 1. Hoboken, N.J: Wiley.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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