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Topic Alternative staffing is a challenging task. This requires deep understanding on the operational and financial aspect of management. But this is often required when the business operation has widened and its corporate services have scaled up in demands. Some strategists develop alternative staffing only at the departmental basis instead of doing it under the comprehensive staffing strategy. Often, it’s deemed as a solution to what will work best considering the many factors of company management, such as time, problems on finances, accountabilities and some possible risks (Alternative Staffing Alliance, 2008).

Thus, it’s a route considered to have quality services with cost efficiency. In effecting alternative staffing, planning must be done distinctly ensuing that there is clear communication to warrant effective and smooth transition so that the daily work assignments and operations will not be disrupted (Alternative Staffing Alliance, 2008). There should be effective time management too as well as serious consideration of time differentials. In America, many businesses utilized alternative staffing to improve customer’s relation and to nurture quality and efficient productivity in a 24-hour business operation.

Since alternative staffing aimed at meeting customer’s satisfaction, the workers as valuable assets, should be capacitated for responsible business stewardship and teamwork. They must be designated with full consciousness of time schedules. The staffing option is also priced differently because labor laws seriously put high differences in working at daytime and those who will work at night time. Some outsourcing companies and information technology centers, pay bit higher fees for those who’d report at night time. Of course, the volume of work should also be considered. For those who are practicing these, they are concern too on negotiation strategies.

Thus, alternative staffing demand that HR needs to be stringent, fair, and tough so that business relations will not be compromised. Nowadays, there are already some agencies that offer alternative staffing services for companies needing human resources support. The management can opt to avail of these services to have alternative staffs that need not be trained and coached by the company as they are already equipped with knowledge on business management and operation (Alternative Staffing Alliance, 2008). While this may absolved the company of the training expenses, there remains a need to care for their needs and to monitor them in their daily working hours (Alternative Staffing Alliance, 2008). The success of enjoying alternative staffing still require motivated managers and committed organizational managers for better business ventures.

The expertise to fine tune the business operation on market changes remained a company’s challenge for leveraging and for opportunities (Alternative Staffing Alliance, 2008). Reference Alternative Staffing Alliance (2008). Introductory Guide to Alternative Staffing. Alterntive StaffingOrganization, Brookline, MA. Pp. 1-8.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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