Essays on Superior Country for Manufacturing Firm to Invest in - Canada and Hungary Case Study

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The paper "Superior Country for Manufacturing Firm to Invest in - Canada and Hungary " is a perfect example of a business case study. In the business world, every person is looking for a conducive place of investment. If the conditions within a given country become favorable, it becomes appropriate to invest in that country. The choice of an investment target country becomes critical to any business. The determination of the appropriateness of a given country as the most suitable country for investing in, therefore, requires an in-depth analysis and scrutiny of the target country.

This in-depth analysis involves looking at the political, economical, legal, social, and cultural aspects of the target country in order to determine whether the country would likely favor the growth and development of the investment. In most circumstances, it is always better to have a comparison of two target countries for investment and then create a balance and choice based on scrutinizing the two target countries. This gives a clear and appropriate choice and analysis. Company description The company wanting to have foreign direct investment in either the developed country or developing country is Holden Barina.

Holden Barina is a Motor vehicle manufacturing company of General Motors in the Australian branch, which manufactures small and comfortable cars, which are environmentally friendly and suitable for family and personal use. This company, therefore, wishes to have a foreign direct investment in Canada and in Hungary. INVESTMENT MARKET ANALYSIS CANADA In understanding the suitability of having foreign, direct investment in Canada, it is thus critical to look at the market characteristics in Canada (Trapunski 2013). This will determine whether it is suitable for the manufacturing industry or not.

In looking at the market characteristics, it is significant to look at both the positive and negative aspects of these market investment aspects. Taking a specific look at Canada, Canada is a first-world (developed) country with a proper and developed economy and infrastructure.



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