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The paper 'Patterns in Strategy Formation Management Science' is a wonderful example of a Management Essay. The first three negotiations models which were undertaken from week seven to eleven of the course work were very crucial towards preparing the last and most important negotiation of the course. The negotiation models laid a foundation for us to successfully perform the last negotiation task of the course work. Planning was the center of the entire process and every group member became more active and took the initiative of leading the negotiations plans (Schilling, 2003). 1.1 Two-party negotiation of car purchasing and selling Car negotiation was actually our first negotiation hence most of the students did not understand what we were supposed to do hence it caused some issues.

The first negotiation in my group was related to the sale of a used car. To carry out the deal more effectively my group played the role of car dealer rather than the seller. To defeat our opponents in the planning stage for the first negotiation I had to conduct thorough research on the opponent team in terms of comparing different kinds of car dealers to the current group car Holden commodore 2003 model.

Since I had general information in relation to car selling deals I was given the role of salesperson hence I was entitled to giving a full description of all the features of the car as well as convincing customers to prefer our deal and not the opponents one. Other members of the group assisted me in answering queries from the opponent. Due to our aggressive sale strategy, the opponents who had the intention of selling to us an old car could not succeed hence their deal went off track.

Time was considered to be a very important factor in which each member of my group learned from our first negotiation deal. After learning several lessons from our first negotiation deal, we conducted several group meetings in which each and every group member was allocated specific roles to perform as well as a field to carry on further research. Concrete strategies were put in place and weaker areas of the team members were identified and corrected. 1.3 E- negotiation This was actually an interesting session between all the group members.

No party was actually willing to lose the deal hence everyone had to adopt a harsher and emotional style in order to win. The session lasted for a period of four hours with each group pointing out their own pros and cons in accepting the order or not. This kind of negotiation actually does not involve face to face communication rather it uses a particular designed server that supports the bargaining process through emails as well as helps in categorizing various negotiation activities between the group members (Poole & Dale, 1992).

This kind of system has a lot of cross-cultural benefits though it is associated with some psychological problems such as distance, time difference among others. Chinese group members’ Gmail id was used in which the simulations involved Beijing Fashion Manufacturing (BFM). Discussions involved pricing Him and Her Australia (HHA). BANTA plan strategy was used to carry out our negotiation deal.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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