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The paper "Successful Negotiation Step By Step" is a great example of management coursework.   In handling this negotiation process with the Four Season’ s Hotel, there are certain things that will be considered. At the core of negotiation, it is fundamental that the parties are placed in a position whereby they evaluate whether they need to compete or corporate with one another (Laubach2012). As this is a relationship that involves our company offering cleaning services to another and expecting payment, the best approach chosen is the corporative one. After this, we will decide on whether the parties will analyze both the common and conflicting goals that help come up with what they jointly consider possible and desirable.

However much both parties may need the competitive element against others in the market hence requiring a certain degree of advancements in interests, we will identify a balance which is the main dilemma. The most appropriate process for the negotiation process by our cleaning company is as elaborated below. 2.0: Steps in Negotiation 2.1 Step One: The Beginning 2.1.1 Planning and Research. It is important that before the negotiation process commences, our company carries out all the necessary planning and research.

In this case, it means that the company will seek the advice of an expert so that the other party is made aware of the requirements and conditions of the services. In addition, as we are seeking employment, it is important that we learn all the schedules, meals and workings of the hotel. At the same time, the four season’ s manager may find it useful if we five them reviews from other areas that the cleaning service has worked.

This helps both the parties to familiarize themselves with each other hence assessing the needs of each other. Further, it is at this level that our cleaning company will need to do evaluations so as to know the price of our services per person and as a whole, in relation to the number of shifts. 2.1.2 The BATNA Initial Interaction and the formulation of the “ Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement” (BATNA) is the second step. This is yet another important step that will identify alternatives in terms of what will happen if our cleaning company and the Four Seasons do not agree with the negotiation.

As it is possible that any time both these parties might walk away from the negotiation, it is good to have a way forward (Laubach 2012). For instance, in this case, it is important that our company ensures that there is an even playing field with the hotel. The steps will, therefore, include the following. Definition of our intent clearly. Our company will be interested in knowing what services we should provide, the shifts, the payments whether it is individual or as a company and whether we bring our own towels or cleaning equipment.

It is important that we also add incentives such as offering services outside our scope as an added and marketing advantage. After all these, the two parties should look at whether they have the same goals and whether they intend to maximize in the long term or whether they intend to cash out after some time It is important that our company takes part in the brainstorming on ideas. This is so that both the parties settle for a decision that is profitable.

In this case, the more the options, the greater the chances of having a good BATNA in case any issue arises It is good for our company and the Four Seasons to encourage the identification of a secure contingency position and commitment. Our company can support any solution that involves the raising of a certain amount of money or any other alternative as a fallback position. This means that despite the fact that our cleaning company wishes to work with Four Seasons does not mean that they cannot contract with others as well and vice versa. It is important that in getting into a negotiation agreement, both parties are not placed in a position of undue advantage.

The shareholders and those supporting our company, for instance, must, therefore, ensure that they are backing the decision fully so that negotiations are aligned with the expectations.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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