Essays on Nestle Inc - Situational, Competitors, and Market Analysis Report

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The paper “ Nestle Inc - Situational, Competitor’ s, and Market Analysis” is an outstanding example of a report on marketing. Nestle Inc is the leading wellness, nutritional and Health Company. Their mission is "Good Food, Good Life” which means that they aim at providing customers with a wide range of beverages and food which is the best tasting. The company has been committed to manufacturing the best food for over one century now all with the aim of fulfilling the needs of each and every consumer. The company was established by Henri Nestle in Switzerland.

The company has over 500 factories, 500 products in 86 countries covering almost each and every continent. The main objective of the company is to be the global leader in health, wellness, and nutrition and to be a point of reference in the confectionery industry based on financial performance, customer care, and quality. Nestle Inc. believes that market leadership is not just about the market size but about trust. They also recognize that trust is earned over time by delivering on their promises to the customers consistently (Nestle Inc, 2014).

Their goals include: To manufacture and sell the products of the company in such a way that value will be created and that value will be sustained in the long term for their customers, shareholders and business partners To focus on the long term development of the business as opposed to the short-term profitability To attract customers by giving them value to ensure continued growth and guaranteed customer satisfaction Nestle Inc's marketing strategy is to build on customer relationship management by ensuring that they produce what the customer needs to satisfy their needs.

They listen to the complaints and suggestions of the customers to ensure that what they produce is in line with what the customer wants(Nestle Inc, 2014). 2.0 Situational analysis 2.1 Environmental analysisThis refers to forces in the external environment that are beyond the control of the business but affect the operations of the business. To analyze the external environment, a PESTEL analysis is used. By undertaking a PESTEL analysis, Nestle will be able to evaluate the impact of each factor on its operations and help maximize opportunities and minimize risks 2.1.1PoliticaThis refers to the political situations which can affect the operation of Nestle.

Australia has maintained a stable liberal democratic political system that is suitable for any business. The country has paid great attention to protect natural heritage through environmental laws. Australia ranks highly in many international comparisons of national performance, such as quality of life, health, education, economic freedom, and the protection of civil liberties and political rights. However, Reduction in tariffs will however make competition stiff in the Australian confectionery industry (World Factbook, 2014). 2.1.2 EconomicThis refers to economic factors that affect operations of the business where currently Australia is experiencing a rise in GDP, low inflation, low rates of unemployment, and stable financial system.

The country economy has not been weakening by the global crisis as it has experiences continues growth over the last 20years with the growth rate averaging at 3.5% per annum. Moreover, Australia is an island continent located in Oceania between the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean and its placement is an added advantage to a business when it comes to export and imports.

However, the increase in fuel prices may increase the cost of production for Nestle(World Factbook, 2014).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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