Essays on Strategic Importance of Quality - Nestle Case Study

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The paper 'Strategic Importance of Quality - Nestle" is a good example of a management case study. Nestle is the leading food company in the world associated with the production of high quality, customer, and consumer-focused products. The company was set up by Henri Nestle in 1867 when the first European condensed milk factory was started in Cham, Switzerland. The first development of the baby food was a combination of cow’ s milk with wheat flour and sugar leading to a product that helped save a child’ s life. The company has focussed on becoming a nutrition, health, and wellness company.

It has established itself as a leader in research and development and the scientists of the company work in all areas for the creation of healthier and more nutritious foods. Maggi has become a world-renowned product which is available to the catering trade and the development of Maggi ‘ A Natural Choice’ , in the UK, which itself is very unique (Business Case Studies. 2015). Nestle has commissioned various market researches and customer interactions to get a better and deeper insight into chef and consumer views.

The strength of the company is to develop products that are available to fit market requirements. The quality improvement of the products at Nestle has been more towards the creation of natural taste and also offering value for money. The products at Nestle have also focussed on better nutrition levels and improving the levels and more informative labeling. New product launching and development have been a strong backbone of the quality improvement process of the company. The company has transformed over the years with a diversity of products beginning from baby milk and food towards the development of Maggi and instant coffee machines making them a leader world over. 2.0.

Quality Imperatives The basic levels of manufacturing suggest that quality is conformance to specifications. With the rising expectations of customer demands the absolute requirement for manufacturing has come to the forefront and thus demanding some imperatives to be followed for the completion of the manufacturing process. The company has undergone a lot of tedious work in its research and development department to improve the quality and the standards of the products that they produce.

The quality, at Nestle, goes far beyond its products. Nestle has deployed a variety of quality imperatives in this direction which has assisted them to move to a situation at which they currently stand. Some of the quality imperatives implemented by the company are economic, social, and environmental imperatives which are discussed hereafter. Economic Imperatives: The economic imperative element is to be correctly used by the companies for the betterment of their performing countries as this is something that is done because it is right. The entrepreneurial activities provide support for the successful implementation and stabilization of strategies for the economy.

In the pursuit of the same Nestle health science has launched a program called Enact which helps towards quality improvement through nutrition. Nutrition has been derived as a positive contributor towards healthcare outcomes but there still exists an under-leveraged and under-valued element of patient care. Enact aims towards the reduction of this gap (Nestle Health Science. 2015).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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