Essays on The Sustainability of Nestle's Company Case Study

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The paper "  The Sustainability of Nestle's Company" is a delightful example of a case study on business.   From the phases of Global Corporate Citizenship, Nestlé best fits in the stage of embracing green practices and technology. Through sustainable development, the company will manage to increase the globe’ s access to quality, play a major role to the socio-economic development as well as conserve the environment for the future generation (The Nestlé Sustainability Review 2). This explains why the company has endeavored to make quality profits and have sustainable development.   As the report of The Nestlé Sustainability Review argues, the environmental progress initiative is vital for the sustainable progress of the company (7-8).

For the case of Nestlé , the company has sought to work with the developing world by situating 45% of their companies in the third world countries so as they can make a huge account in the total sales of the company (The Nestlé Sustainability Review 8). With the company publicly stating that its aim is to operate on the good of the public as opposed to the company, I would argue that sustainability is the way forward for the company.

In terms of technology transfer, this would be the most appropriate for the company. The Nestlé Sustainability Review indicates that through technology transfer, the company can design new products that will serve the needs of its clients in a sustainable manner as well as ensure efficient use of resources (3). Technology transfer would allow for sustainability as technology will boost the production of raw materials and apply farming techniques that apply technology to the sustainability process. Through technology, the company will be well placed to examine the advancement of its local production and marketing abilities (The Nestlé Sustainability Review 27).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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