Essays on (network Security) Proactive Checker And Instant Password Finder Coursework

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AbstractIndividuals and businesses are becoming more reliant on trustworthy functioning of their information systems. These systems are instrumental towards their achievement and effectiveness. While this increasing reliance on information management systems produces a pressing requirement to accumulate data and make it more available, the abundance of computer technology has also brought forth prospects for malicious persons to contravene the integrity and legitimacy of these systems. One of the frequent control mechanisms for authentication and validation of users of these systems is the utilization of passwords. Nonetheless, in spite of the extensive application of passwords, Minimal awareness and interest has been given to the distinctive nature of their real use.

This paper will analyze two network security tools i. e. (Instant password finder and proactive checker). Analysis will also look into their features and a discussion on the criteria employed in selecting the two will also be highlighted. The paper will also address the gap in tool evaluation together with the characteristics. The results will be produced in the form of a practical study. The paper will conclude with a discussion on the relative weakness and strengths of the two tools. IntroductionOne of the most basic defense methods in any information system is the capability of system administrators to validate the identity of users.

Although studies on how to boost security are being conducted including investigations on complex methods of authentication, Application of password methods continue to be the main technique of validating Information system users. (George, 2001). From physical to online networks, information systems depend on admission validation through passwords (George, 2001). Despite both reported and unreported security breaches in computer networks, Validation and authentication of individuals using networks continue to trouble network and information security experts.

Proactive Password checker and Instant Password Finder (network security)Due to the growth of the internet networks, the security of the passwords among the users has been and is still a major concern for the network users. The network security includes the issues such as the lack of strength in passwords security that leads to negative impacts such as cybercrimes and hacking of accounts. as a result, technologists have researched for the possible solution to this issue. Among the identified solutions, the proactive password finder and password checker are among the current solutions of this issue of network security among network users (George, 2001). An Overview of the Proactive Password CheckerThe proactive password checker is a tool for maintaining network security via the ability ofsecuring passwords and preventing hacking among other functions.

This tool is in form of a computer program/software. This program prevents entry of passwords that can be easily guessed in the network system by the user. In many cases, the proactive password checker ensures protection of password via detecting the passwords that are presented by a user and that have the highest probabilities of being guessed.

Despite the fact that the security hole is evident in the proactive password checker, the existence of the security hole is there until it is detected by this program and at the same time as long as the user of the current password decides to change the password again. In situations whereby this program that has the role of changing the user’s password inspects for the safety and the probability of guessing the password before it is associated with the account of the user, the security hole is not put in location.

For a proactive password checker to be effectiveitmust contain the below named criteria (Jacob, 2007).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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