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@20101. IntroductionBlue Line Assemblers are a company who specialize in the assembly of all utility trucks ranging from refuse collectors, to fire fighters to heavy commercial transporters. They now have a steadily expanding clientele base that has needed to be served with efficiency in mind in order to give Blue Line Assemblers their competitive edge. The demand for trucks and trucking services is steadily increasing and may soon outwit the demand that is provided by Blue Line Assemblers unless drastic measure are taken. The top management has realized the need to embrace information technology strategies and employ the power of networking and the internet to try and achieve this. Blue Line Assemblers deal in assembly of trucks and the sale and supply of spares to a number of dealers who are geographically dispersed. Blue Line Assemblers has been carrying out all processing from a central office at the headquarter office.

Lately sales statistics have indicated that the dealers and sales men have found a new client base which is steadily growing and generating huge sums of money in sales. The region is in a densely populated area that is roughly three hundred miles from Blue Line Assemblers’ head offices and has a large number of construction activities going on there, the very reason why trucks are in very large demand.

The basics road infrastructure has made road transport in this region to be highly dependable. This has provided a unique opportunity for Blue Line Assemblers who now realize that the high truck demand is directly to the construction and transport demand in this region. The managing director has been considering opening a branch of Blue Line Assembler sales office in this region to enhance the Assembler’s hold on the market and effectively address the growing demand for trucks.

However the managing director realizes that he will need to carry out a restructuring process at the head office and then consolidate it with the new office to be set up at the region. With this in mind the managing director of Blue Line Assemblers has engaged Pneuma Communication Solutions to establish the feasibility of this restructuring and the establishment of a satellite sales office at the region of interest. 2.

A background of Blue Line AssemblersBlue Line Assemblers has a number of departments each with unique functions. The company is currently utilizing information technology at a limited capacity. The following are the typical department at Blue Line Assemblers officeProduction engineeringAt this unit the designing and specification of special trucks and all associated equipment is carried out. The production of documents detailing the breakdown structure of each assembly is carried out here. These serve as input to the bill of materials file which is forwarded to the computer system at the IT department to produce the material requirements report. Assembly planningThe building of trucks is planned here.

Units to be assembled and their specific requirements are produced here and forwarded to the IT and computer processing department. Sales and Order processing

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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