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The paper "Networking Plan Analysis" is a good example of a Business assignment. Networking is an important aspect of ensuring one gets and disseminates information effectively. Organizing a network entails determining and grouping important networks that one relies on mostly in information exchange. The table below shows my network map; Allan Greg Allan Greg is an IBM marketing consultant based in Australia. Billy Johns works closely with Allan since Billy sells business-related software as a retailer. Billy Johns is my cousin and he introduced me to Allan when I showed an interest in working in a software company.

  Adrian Walker is my coursemate and wants to be an IT, consultant. Therefore, I introduced Adrian to Allan since I felt he will have a lot to learn since Allan works in the IT field. The connection is important since Allan can share work opportunities and I get accessed to new information in the IT field. Caden Carmela Caden Cadmeal is my older brother and he works in KPMG as a tax consultant. He always advises me on emerging issues in the Job Market and the field that I need to major in.

I always share with him any career step that I want to take before resorting to it. Hillary Jones is my high school friend who is interested in specializing in issues related to auditing. I introduced Cadmeal to her during dinner at our place. Adrian Walker Adrian Walker is my coursemate. We met in university and we have similar interests since we want to venture into the IT field. For instance, I want to work in an IT Company while Adrian wants to form a company dealing with IT consultancy.

Connecting with Adrian enables me to get access to people he connects with, events that he wants to attend, and articles he shares on his page. The connection is therefore important because it keeps me updated on the events that are taking place in the IT field.   Amina is my friend and she works with an IT Company where I work during the holidays. I introduced her to Adrian during a conference organized by the company.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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