Essays on How the Brain Works Admission/Application Essay

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The paper "How the Brain Works" is an outstanding example of an admission essay on medical science. For a very long time now I have remained transfixed on the subject of neuroscience. I essentially breathe, think and dream neuroscience. It is evidently a field with a lot more to discover, a plethora of questions to answer and hypotheses to test and prove/ discard. The cognitive and behavioral stream of it has particularly evoked serious thought and curiosity in me over time that I have come to desire to study it. From time immemorial, I have been constantly puzzled by how the brain works, especially its ability to handle various languages.

As I can communicate in Korean, Japanese and English, I have had no problems in life answering people who inquire about what language I dream in (which is all the three mentioned), what I have had trouble explaining is what language I think in. I had never noticed what people refer to as the ‘ voice in your head’ until I was asked about it. And when I try to isolate this language of my mind, my thought process gets distracted and I intentionally bring up languages in my mind.

I have hence become deeply curious concerning what the brain is doing when processing our conversations and switching from one language to another. Unearthing how languages shape and alter perception is another core interest. The process of how the brain acquires new languages and organizes them while putting them in sync with the knowledge and feelings that one described in a known language is another curiosity I want to satisfy.

In the end and as a result of my silent and personal interaction with neuroscience I have grown immensely attached to the field and have had my sights set on it for quite some time now. It is in this field that I can truly assert myself and obtain a chance to realize my full potential while advancing modern knowledge to newer and noble heights. I consider this opportunity a fresh chapter in my life, a gateway for success, self-satisfaction and the realization of dreams.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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