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The paper 'Never Enough Cafe Business" is a great example of a business plan.   Never Enough Cafe has been in business for the past one month. This café aims at providing impeccable services to our customers. During its operation, it has focused mainly on product and service differentiation strategy and the cost leadership strategy aimed at maximizing profits. The business has shown a significant rise from 40% to 55 % in customer satisfaction. However, it has also been faced with employee turnover, customer complains and low returns. This business plan takes us through the Never Enough Café ’ s journey from birth to growth.

This business has mimicked the production curve throughout its existence. The marketing plan plays a vital role in determining areas of improvement and the appropriate measures. The main aim of any business is to make profits; this is not an exemption, therefore, these strategies aim at improving the status of the business. 1.0 Company descriptionNever Enough Café is a small business, which has been in existence for over a month. The main aim of this café is profit-making, and its mission statement includes “ to ensure that our customer’ s professional and courteous service, by selling remarkable coffee at fair prices and maintaining a clean and comfortable space for our customers and staff; to consistently provide our customers with impeccable service by demonstrating warmth, graciousness, efficiency, knowledge, professionalism and integrity in our work, with a focus on style and hygiene. ” The main objective of the business is to attract customers by offering the best services, with an aim of increasing revenues.

This business specializes in only one beverage, which is coffee, but which varies from coffee latte, coffee black to cappuccino.

The company is in its growing stages and has 10 employees among which three are managers while the rest are servers. The manager’ s salaries are $670 while the servers are paid $9.00 an hour.   The business operates six days a week and recently changed its opening hours to as opposed to The current prices of our coffee are as follows; small cup at $3.00, a medium cup at $3.50, whilst the large cup goes for $4.00.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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