Essays on Meaning of Volkswagen Brand Assignment

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The paper "Meaning of Volkswagen Brand" is a perfect example of a Marketing Assignment. Organizations that look to work on their core strength and develop their products and services based on the needs of the customer are able to ensure better satisfaction of the customer. Volkswagen on this aspect has ensured that the care offered by them is as per the customer needs and demands and helps the business to increase the reach by being able to target a large section of the customer. Volkswagen since its inception has worked on developing cars that are appealing and multiplies the pleasure of driving.

Further, the cars developed by Volkswagen also ensure that they target a different segment of society due to different varied features that helps to attract people towards the brand. The paper evaluates the manner Volkswagen looks to project itself before the customers by highlighting the actual meaning they want customers to understand about the brand. This is followed by the different advantages and disadvantages that Volkswagen will gt by positioning their product differently and the manner it will contribute towards the long term success of the brand.

On the whole, it will help to identify the manner in which Volkswagen will be able to transform its business and will be able to grow its business by satisfying the needs and wants of the customers. Meaning of Volkswagen Brand Volkswagen as a company has looked towards giving a different meaning to its brand as the organization aims at delivering quality products which will be as per the needs and wants of the customers. The organization through its sleek model and superior strength in body and engine looks at including the smaller things which people visualize.

This thereby helps to give the dream of people some shape as they are able to get what they are looking for. Volkswagen thereby looks at developing products that will be according to the needs of the customers and looks to include small things that will satisfy the customers. The organization despite producing products looks to ensure quality service. For this, the organizations have advertised different prints that highlight the immense pleasure that a customer gets while looking at his car being serviced.

This shows care and affection for the car and customer and looks at long term relationship with the customer. Volkswagen thereby aims to ensure that the brand image conveys more than just a car and looks to accomplish the task of fulfilling the dreams and desires of people. This has been matched by the fact that the product supplied by them is of superior quality and looks to meet the different aspects and requirements of the customers. Volkswagen further through its brand has looked at all sections of the society instead of concentrating on a particular group.

This helps to ensure that Volkswagen is able to concentrate on a large section of society and provides an opportunity where they are able to provide service to a large section of society. In addition to it, the strategies developed based on it has ensured that Volkswagen is able to make customers realize that they look to work for all section of the society and has something to offer for all customers. This thereby ensures that Volkswagen is committed and aims at maximizing the opportunity for providing quality products to a large section of the society.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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