Essays on The Success of Cadburys Dairy Milk Silk as a Product Case Study

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The paper “ The Success of Cadburys Dairy Milk Silk as a Product" is a breathtaking example of a case study on marketing. Cadburys has been in existence and has become a leader in confectionery. The company has been able to develop its product line and launch various variants. The recent launch of Cadburys Dairy Milk Silk which has more butter and cocoa for the premium segment is being looked at. The analysis of the marketing strategy and the customer feedback helps to see that the brand will work and find acceptability. Purpose of the Report To identify whether the new product Cadburys Dairy Milk Silk will go well with the customer To identify the target market and marketing strategies for the product To identify what influences customer purchasing and what plays an important part in the customer deciding a particular product Company BackgroundCadbury as a brand has been performing for decades.

Cadbury “ is a confectionery company ranking second among the world in that line of business” . (Cadbury Company Website, 2010) The company started in 1824 and since has increased its business by launching different products with different variants in different countries.

The growth can be attributed to “ organic and acquisitions and being a market leader by launching products” . (Cadbury Company Website, 2010) Cadbury's overall growth has been a phenomenon and has its presence in over 60 countries, employing 50,000 people and having around 35,000 suppliers. The mantra for the company has been “ creating brands people love” (Cadbury Company Website, 2010) and this has influenced the customers all around. The brand under Cadburys Umbrella Cadburys has launched many variants and different brands looking into the different aspects and attracting people of all ages.

The brand under Cadburys looks as follows The above chart shows the brand Cadburys has and in addition to it, a large number of variants are available for each. Even the company has ensured that it launches this product in different sizes and packs so that all segments can be eyed. New Product Objective and Characteristics Cadburys has launched a new product named “ Cadburys Dairy Milk Silk available in different variants like Milk Chocolate, Roast Almond and Fruit and Nut” . (Iyer, 2010) The company intends to position it in the premium segment and slowly move into other areas.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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